What is so special about amber jewelry? Know its Properties

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Most of us think that amber is a gemstone while it’s not a reality. The glowing amber is not a gemstone but actually it is a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees. Amber jewelry is considered very powerful. From Greece to China to Northern Europe, amber is used and considered very important. It is believed that this warm and powerful stone has some really amazing properties.

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General facts about Amber

It is good to know that the oldest amber discovered on Earth is almost 320 million years old. Now you need to imagine how much energy amber contains. There are also young amber which is almost 100,000 years old. So, when you get amber jewelry you need to keep in mind that it contains very old and wise energy in it. The value and price of amber jewelry is dependent on its age.

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Why amber jewelry is so special?

The most important quality of amber is that it is old and very old energy. It is said that this stone has accumulated wisdom of not only earth but also its natural kingdom. Many times, you notice that amber jewelry has insects trapped inside such as mosquito, honey bee, Scorpion,etc. Actually, an insect trapped when amber begins to grow like a tree resin. Amber comes from Baltic countries in Northern Europe. Another great source of this stone is Dominican Republic where you can also find rare blue amber jewelry stone.

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Colors of Amber Stone

When it comes to colors of amber stones, you can find warm colors commonly. The most popular colors of amber jewelry are orange, yellow, sunny brown,etc. Sunny brown color is usually preferred by human beings because this stone is known as stone of the sun. There are some other uncommon colors of amber such as red, green and blue. When it comes to fashion jewelry trends, designers like to choose unusual amber colors to make their masterpieces.

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Amber Jewelry properties

Amber is a popular stone from ancient times, it is also believed that it has accumulated mystical properties. Let’s have a look at properties of amber.

  • Healing
  • Wisdom
  • Cheerfulness
  • Protection during travel or other times
  • Emotion balance
  • Good luck
  • Fear elimination
  • Headache relief
  • Mind clarity
  • Ends negative energy
  • Bring patience

In Asian cultures, Amber was known ‘soul of the tiger’. Therefore, it is also considered as a stone of courage.

Amber and Cancer Zodiac Sign

Amber is birthstone of astrological sign “Cancer” because it sure reflects the energy of the warmest and sunniest month of the year. So, people who have Cancer sign can make the most from their energies , if they wear amber jewelry.

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In case you need warm and wise energy in your life then you should get amber jewelry items for you such as amber watch, amber earrings, amber rings, amber necklace,etc. People who want to enjoy properties of amber must opt for untreated and natural amber jewelry. Always buy high quality amber.


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