Wearing Red Dress? Check Perfect Christmas Hairstyles

christmas hairstyles for long hair

Are you going to wear red dress at Christmas party? If yes,then next important step you need to follow is to select a perfect hairstyle that looks adorable with your sleek red outfit. When it comes to hairstyle, then you have wide variety of options to choose from. You can pick an updo for a formal party of Christmas while loose curls are considered “Stylish” for friend get together. An important thing that you need to consider before picking a hairstyle is your hair length. Christmas hairstyles for short hair are definitely different from long hairstyles. Sometimes, you pick a hairstyle that demand long length of hair while you have short hair; in this case you can simply get hair extensions that matched with your natural hair color. Let’s start checking some robust Christmas party hairstyles.

Different christmas hairstyles

Christmas hairstyles for Short hair

If you have short hair length and want to pick a stylish hairstyle then you have following choices.

Retro Hairstyle: This hairstyle would be perfect for you when you are going to attend a formal Christmas party. A formal party where your colleagues and other professionals are attending the party.

christmas retro hairstyles for short hair

christmas retro bun for short hair

Half Curls: Curls enhance overall look of your face. You can’t curl your full hair when you have short hair length. So, it is advisable to give a try to half curl hairstyle.

soft curls for medium hair

christmas curly hairstyles for short hair

Rough updo: You can make simple and rough hair updo for Christmas party.  Top-knot is also good for you. You can decorate this updo with a simple hair pin or some Christmas themed hair accessories.

christmas updo hairstyles for short hair

Fringe and Bob hairstyle

Outside flick bob boosts up face cut and its features. Fringe hairstyles are look very astonishing and many celebrities are wearing this hairstyle.

christmas bob and fringe hairstyle

Christmas Hairstyles for Medium Length hair

Women who have medium length hair can try following hairstyles:

Formal Curl hairstyle

Curly hairstyle is perfect choice for every eve especially for Christmas. For getting formal curls, you need to visit nearby saloon; such look can’t be attained at home.

curl hairstyles for christmas

Sleek Updo:

You can make sleek updo with medium length hair. You don’t need to visit saloon for getting this hairstyle.

medium updo hairstyle

Sleek Straight hairstyle:

You can use hair iron for getting sleek straight hairstyle. If you have thick medium hair then this hairstyle would be perfect for you.


christmas simple long hairstyleSoft Curly hairstyle

Get some curls and secure your hair in a pony. This hairstyle is equally good for both black and blonde hair. No need to change your hair color for getting this look.

christmas simple hairstyle

Christmas hairstyles for Long hair

It is a fact that women who have blessed with long hair are able to find wide variety of Christmas hairstyling options for them. They can make updo, braids, ponytails and many more.Check latest Christmas hairstyles choices:

Wavy Hairstyle

No doubts, waves around oval and pear shape face look tremendous. Getting curly waves isn’t a difficult task.You need to approach an expert hairstylist only. Long wavy hair strands make an eye-catching frame around your face.


christmas loose curl hairstyleSoft Formal Curls

You are able to get a promising look via soft curls. You need to use a good conditioner and hair serum before getting this hairstyle.

christmas hairstyles for long hairLoose Curls

The girls who celebrate Christmas eve with friends usually like to look cool. It is advisable to them to pick loose curl hairstyle as it offers perfect funky look.

side curl hairstyle for long hair

Cute Ponytail for Christmas Theme Party

Sometimes, you have to follow a theme of red and white. You often search for a look that matches with theme party. In this situation, this hairstyle can be picked. You need to use red ribbons for wrapping your hair.While red hair accessories can be used for adorning top side hair strands.

ribbon hairstyles for christmasSide Curly Hairstyle

christmas side curls

Perfect Christmas Hairstyle

Red hair color is considered  the best for Christmas party. If you have fair complexion then you can get red color and then to get perfect wavy curls. A hair bow of Christmas tree leaves and cherries  can be used for decorating your hairstyle.

christmas long curly hairstyle

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