Versatile “Elena Gilbert” Nina Dobrev Hairstyles

nina shaggy wavy hairstyles

Nina Dobrev is a Bulgarian Canadian actress and model. She is quite famous due to her role “Elena Gilbert” in Vampire Diaries Series of The CW TV channel. Vampire diaries is a supernatural TV series based on a novel of same name by L.J.Smith. This series was started on 10 September, 2009 and still continue. Fifth season of this series has started and it all demonstrates the popularity of this series. The main characters of this series are Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore. The series wins the heart of many people since every new episode has some sort of thrill and entertainment. In addition, story is quite engaging and heart-touching. Nina Dobrev plays her role in the series in a very perfect way. She has millions of fans all around the globe. Boys wish to meet her and girls love to copy Nina Dobrev hairstyles, that get changed after sometime. She keeps changing her hairstyles from first series of Vampire Diaries till fifth. So, if you want to copycat her hairstyles then below you can find a rich collection of hairstyles. Have a look.

nina trendy updo

Nina Dobrev Straight hairstyles

When Nina started work for Vampire diaries in 2009 then she came with long straight hair. This hairstyle compliments her personality. It seems that hairstylist of Nina didn’t want to spoil her cuteness, so she never changed her natural straight hair. Long straight hairstyle of Nina pushed her female fans to grow their hair and get the straight sleek hairstyle just like her.

nina long straight hair \

nina long straight hair

nina long straight hairstyles

Nina Dobrev Sleek Straight Layers

Nina wears layered hairstyle occasionally. No doubt, her face feature enhanced to a great extent with soft layers. She never go for razor-cut layers. It is amongst the casual Nina Dobrev hairstyles. Female fans of Nina can surely give this simple yet chic hairstyle a good try. Interestingly, this hairstyle doesn’t want much maintenance if you have natural straight hair.

nina straight hairstyles layered

Nina Dobrev Braided hairstyles

Nina loves to try classic and trendy braided hairstyles. She looked amazing when she wore french milkmaid braid hairstyle in a formal function. This braid adds extra charm into glowing face of cute Nina. This hairstyle of Nina Dobrev could be a great inspiration for her female fans who like to try unique braid hairstyles.

nina cute french milkmaid braid

nina dobrev french milkmaid braided hairstyle


Nina looks super cute and sexy in waterfall braid hairstyle. This braid is often worn by little girls but we admit that Nina looks more adorable than cute little girls. Her hairstylist used shiny serum to enhance every glam of every waterfall strand. She captured attention of millions of guys due to this sleek hairstyle.

nina dobrev waterfall braids

Nina Dobrev Simple and braided Ponytail hairstyles

In Vampire diaries, we saw different ponytail hairstyles of Nina. She normally appears with high sleek ponytails that enhances her face beauty to a great extent. Whenever she wants to look super casual, she goes for messy ponytails. She doesn’t care to straight her wavy hair. She just gather her hairs strands and catches them in a ponytail.

nina dobrev high ponytail

nina dobrev messy ponytails

ina simple updo and ponytails

nina dobrev messy ponytails

nina sleek and long ponytails

When it comes to unique ponytail hairstyles of Nina Dobrev, then you must check this braid-cum-ponytail. In this hairstyle, her hairstylist made three little and cute braids from the top section of hair and then secure rest of her hair in a long and shiny ponytail. Creative female fans of Elena Gilbert must give this unusual braid ponytail a try. Nina also looks cute when she wears bangs along with her sleek ponytail.

nina bangs and ponytail hairstyle

nina dobrev braided ponytails

Nina Dobrev Updo Hairstyles

On many award ceremonies, Nina appeared with updo hairstyles. However, good thing is that she didn’t wear same updo all the time. She love to bring some chic changes in her updo hairstyles. She wears both formal and semi-formal updos. She always wear an updo that looks trendy with her fashionable outfit.

Nina Dobrev Formal updo

nina dobrev messy updo hairstyle

Braided updo are among the best hairstyles of Nina. She wears both classic and traditional hair bun. She often appears with side swept braided updos and no doubt, she looks simply adorable in this kind of hairstyling. She doesn’t mind to wear messy braided bun on a formal party.

nina classic braided updo

nina side swept updo hairstylenina down do hairstyle

Nina Debrov Side Swept updo

Nina often appears with high updo. She is blessed with long hair, so it is quite easy for us to her hairstylist to try different kind of hairstyling with her hair. Top-knot is among the best formal Nina Dobrev hairstyles. She never mind to wear messy high updo. She is a model who shot for renowned fashion Magazines, so she also appeared with trendy messy updo many times.

nina top knot hairstyle

nina dobrev trendy updo

nina dobrev messy updo hairstyle

Nina Dobrev Wavy Hairstyles

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that wavy hairstyle has become a signature hairstyle of Katrina Petrova in Vampire Diaries. Katrina Petrova was a carbon copy of Elena Gilbert in the series. Viewers make a different between bad and good Nina Dobrev via her wavy hairstyles. Though Elena Gilbert also appeared with wavy long hair but most of time, we saw Katrina with formal wavy. No matter you like Katrina Petrova or not, you would surely love to copycat her stunning hairstyle. This hairstyle defined every layer of face aesthetically,no doubt.

nina shaggy wavy hairstyles

nina thick wavy hairstyle

Nina wore side swept long wavy hairstyle on a special award ceremony. This hairstyle changed her face look somehow. She looks mature and trendy side by side. This can be categorized among semi-formal Nina hairstyles. Girls who want a special party hairstyle, can surely consider it.

nina side swept wavy hair

nina side swept curly  wave hair

Wavy hairstyle with red highlights can be categorized among famous Nina Dobrev hairstyles. She got this hairstyle in fourth series of Vampire diaries. Her female fans loved this new look of Elena Gilbert and many copied this fascinating and trendy hairstyle.

nina dobrev curls with red highlights

Nina Dobrev Curly hairstyles

Nina normally appears with the formal curly hairstyles. However, she wore ringlet curls when she needed to play role of Katrina Petrova for 19th century. No doubt, she looked simply stunning in this classic curly hairstyle. She won heart of many guys with her cute curly ringlet. Whenever girls need to attend a 19th century theme party then they would love to try this hairstyle of Nina Dobrev.

nina dobrev ringlet curly hairstyle

nina dobrev ringlet curly hairstyle

nina formal curls

Nina Dobrev Messy short curly hairstyles seems to be an exception because she hardly appears with a short haircut. We see her either with long or medium hairstyles. She took this get-up for a fashion magazine and no doubt, this hairstyle suits her the most.

nina short messy curly hairstyles

So finally, you have checked fine collection of Nina Dobrev hairstyles. You have seen that this cute girl wear all kinds of hairstyles from time to time. Her hairstyling is as diverse and versatile as she is. Do you agree with me?

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