Unique Braided hairstyles for Women

side fishtail with main braid hairstyles

If you get bored from same looking braided hairstyles then it’s time to take a look at some unique braided hairstyles for women. These hairstyles are not only different but also very simple and easy to make. You don’t need to get help from a hair expert, your task is to learn different types of braids such as simple braid, side braid, fishtail, fringe braid,etc. It is not very difficult to learn both kinds of braids. We all know how to make simple braid. However, when it comes to fish-tail braids you have to make practice as much as you can. Several video tutorials and written guides are available online for your comfort and ease. You only need a week or less time for learning perfect fish tail braid. Have a look at unique braided hairstyles.

Weave Simple Braid hairstyle

This hairstyle offer formal and sleek look to women. Though it is looking complicated yet it isn’t. You need to learn how to combine two simple braids together in one braid. weave braid hairstyle

Triple Dutch braid hairstyle

This triple side dutch braided hairstyle is perfectly suitable for women with long hair. Sometimes, it is hard to maintain your long hair. So, it is good to secure your long hair in Dutch braids and feel comfortable.

 Simple Side Braided Hairstyle

It is among the most astonishing braid hairstyles for women. You need to apply shiny serum before you make a simple braid ponytail of your hair.

simple braid unique ponytail hairstyle

Unique Fishtail braid pony

Every woman must give a try to this cute fishtail braid pony that looks very cute. Don’t forget to try this hairstyle for friend’s party where you always like to grab attention of all friends.

unique fishtail hairstyle for womenFringe Braid hairstyles with flower

Fringe braid ponytail definitely looks very elegant and stylish. This braid doesn’t take much time. You only need to spend 10 minutes for its making;once you have learned it. When you round a fringe braid then you get a cute flower shape, you can decorate this braided flower with beautiful hair accessories.

fistail with braided little bunsSide Loose Fringe Braid Hairstyle

I’m sure you would all like to wear this casual hairstyle for long hair. There are three main parts of this hairstyle. First part is side fringe braid, second part is middle fringe braid and third part is braided updo that you can see at the end of middle braid. This kind of unique hairstyle would definitely take your time almost an hour but it offers you a perfect trendy look.side fishtail with main braid hairstyles

S-Style Simple braided Ponytail

Side simple braid is quite common but this kind of S-Style braid is rare. Therefore, you must try it once.

braided hairstyles for women

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