Understand Meanings of Butterfly Tattoos on Different Parts of Women Body

butterfly tattoo for women

Women love to pour ink of butterfly tattoo designs on their body. Generally, they opt for this tattoo since it adds splashes of color onto their body. However, there are also some specific meanings of butterfly tattoos designs. It is interesting to know that meanings of butterflies tattoo vary from one part of woman body to another. It is advisable to women to first get complete understanding of meaning of this tattoo on different parts before they get it.  Actually, this understanding will help them to pick the right place for tattoo, so their tattoo represents a meaning that they want to convey.butterfly tattoo for womenButterfly neck tattoo for girls

Amazingly, many women tend to place butterfly tattoo design on one of the main seven points of their body, even they don’t have any idea.The seven points are top of head/crown, third eye (forehead), throat, heart, solar plexus, lower back/belly and tribal root that is beneath the groin. No matter what location you choose, you always opt for the most astonishing and bright tattoo design.

pink butterfly arm tattooleg and foot butterfly tattoo

If a girl has butterfly tattoo on shoulder then this tattoo symbolizes dreamer or dreams. Girls love to dream about their future and lover. It is also believed that butterflies take our wishes toward sky where God fulfill them. If you want that your butterfly represent your ideal dream then you get place tattoo on your shoulder.

black butterfly foot tattoobutterfy tattoo for arm

On chest, Butterfly tattoo design demonstrates unconditional love for all living things. When a girl falls in love, she loves to fly like a butterfly. Therefore, it would be quite fascinating if a girl demonstrates her pure love for her sweetheart through chest butterflies tattoo.

hand tattoo of butterflybutterfly back tattoo for girlsdivided butterfly tattoo for foot

On lower back, there are different meanings of butterfly tattoos such as stability, survival, self-preservation, physical health, prosperity, and trust. Normally, when a girl is suffering from some problem and wants to get rid of it, she pours ink of butterfly tattoo on her lower back.

blue butterfly tattoo ideablack butterflies hand tattoo design

Below the belly, girls usually take butterflies tattoo because they want to get the perfect hot look. This tattoo demonstrates virginity and return to innocence. In case a girl places this tattoo on her reproductive region then it symbolizes true love. Love enters into this area and love reproduces from this area.

girls back butterfly tattoowomen butterflies tattoo

Other meanings of butterfly tattoos designs are beauty, love, spirituality, tranquility, etc. Once you know the meaning, it will be easy for you to decide which meaning you really want to portray through this tattoo. Women love to wear tattoo of butterfly on arm as they think it represent their real love. Other want it on leg or foot as they symbolize as they symbolizes it as a step toward happiness.

purple butterfly tattoo for girls

butterfly tattoo for womenfoot colorful tattoo of butterfly

Before you pick one place of body for dropping ink of butterfly tattoo , it’s advise to dip into its actual meaning.



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