Trendy Men Blue hairstyles 2014

blue pompadour men haircut

Cool guys always search for cool things, so today it is decided to provide them a fine collection of men blue hairstyles 2014. This latest collection include both short and long men haircut. You need to get the cut and then to dye your hair into blue for getting perfect trendy look of this new year. Since summer is approaching very soon, it is better for you to pick for short hairstyles. Actually, it becomes hard to work with long hair during summer days. In case you are a guy who doesn’t care about whether condition when to follow a trendy haircut then you can surely go for Emo hairstyle. Let’s start exploring some fantastic men blue hairstyle 2014.

Men Blue Mohawk Hairstyles

The guys who can wear any kind of hairstyle without any hesitation must go for cool and startling Mohawk hairstyle. You need to sacrifice your side hair for getting this super cool hairstyle. Mohawk punk size will be completely dependent on your hair length. This hairstyle is usually wear by those boys who take deep interest in music industry. So, if you also love music then you can surely try this one of the amazing men blue hairstyles 2014.

men blue mohawk hairstyle

Men Blue Punk Hairstyle

This punk hairstyle is quite different from traditional punk hairstyle. In this haircut, you will see that hair volume is high on front while hair is tapered from side and back. Frontal hairline is combed up and high after apply hair serum.

blue punk hairstyle for men

Men Blue Messy Pixie Haircut

Get a rugged man look through messy pixie blue hairstyle. Get a razor sharp pixie from a famous hair salon and then dye your hair into light blue shade. Now you need to set your hair with your own fingers.Don’t use comb or hair brush,if you want to get perfect messy look. it is one of chic men blue hairstyles 2014.

blue pixie men hairstyle

Men Blue Short straight hairstyle

This haircut can be tried by a professional, if he is bold enough to carry shiny blue hair. Barber will first cut short your hair and then you need to set them according to your preference. Men who dye their hair also dye their french beard sometime; so you can also copycat this blue hairstyle and beard as it is.

short straight blue hair

Men Blue Short layers

Men with thinning hair often don’t know what to do with hairstyling. Therefore, its is suggested to go for short layered haircut. Blue is a good color that also cover your bald head to a great extent. You need to choose a perfect hairstylist for getting this trendy men hair 2014.

men blue short hairstyle

 Blue Medium hairstyles for men 2014

The boys who need a casual medium hairstyle can give a try to this haircut. This hairstyle create a cute frame around the face and it also cover up the forehead to a great extent. Guys with wide forehead can surely go for this simple hairstyle.

blue medium hairstyle for men

Men Blue Pompadour hairstyle

Pompadour men hairstyles are back in 2014, so here is a wonderful idea for the fans of Pompadour. Taper your side hair and enhance volume of your front hair by sweeping them left on top. You can also sweep back for getting a classic pompadour hairstyling look. Don’t forget to dye your hair into blue because it is what make you look ” really fashionable”.

blue pompadour men haircutMen Blue Clean haircut

Guys who get bored from their short clean haircut can surely make the statement by dying the hair into blue. You need to choose a good shade of blue for your hair that enhances your facial complexion to a great extent. In case you have fair complexion then dark shade will look great. The men with dark complexion must try light blue shades.

men blue clean haircutMen Blue Choppy shaggy Haircut

Want to get a super hot look this year? It is better to go for this amazing shaggy cut that comes with choppy variation. Always pick an expert barber who knows how to use razor for giving a shaggy cut “adorable edgy variation”. This hairstyle doesn’t need much maintenance, just you need to comb your hair and you would be ready with a startling appearance.

blue and black short choppy haircut

Men Blue Emo Hairstyle

Emo is among the most popular men hairstyles in 2014. The guys who love to standout from crowd always opt for this hairstyle. However, you need to add some flair into this haircut by adding blue highlights on the front hair strands that fall on your forehead.

blue emo hairstyle Men Blue Spikes Highlights

The guys who don’t want to dye full hair into blue can go for this simply yet very stylish hairstyle of 2014. All they need to take some blue and , purple or turquoise highlights on frontal hairline. After applying a hairstyling serum, you only need to use finger-comb for getting a messy yet rugged spiky hair look.

blue men spikes hairstyles Men Blue Faux Hawk

It is one of the popular hairstyles for men in 2014. In this haircut, a hairstylist cut short the hair from both side while giving high volume in the middle of head. You need to use a branded volume hair serum for making a short mohawk known as faux hawk.

blue faux hawk hairstyle for menMen Trendy Blue Spiky Hairstyle

Normally, this haircut is worn by music lovers since they want to tell the world that they are quite cool guys. This trendy men blue hairstyles 2014 can be achieved by using a good volume mousse or hair serum. All you need to do is to comb your hair and then take the middle portion of hair, apply hair styling creaming and then start combing your hair in the upward direction.

men blue faux hawk hairstyle




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