Trendy Men Always Wear Spiky hairstyles

trendy spiky hairstyles for men

Spike has been a standard hairstyle for me for decades. It is no doubt one of the stylish hairstyles in the world. Different men wear this hairstyle in different ways. Some men opt for classic spikes while others like to pick extra trendy. Although spiky hairstyles look bold and sassy yet these are among the most acceptable hairstyle for elegant events. The people who blindly follow Zack Efron and Max Irons normally go for edgy and razor cut spikes. For middle aged experienced men Gabriel Macht’s spike is indeed an inspiration.

ash blonde men spike hairstyle

Spike is magnetic: Catches women’s attention

Spiky Men’s Hairstyles are getting more popularity since they offer neat and sporting look to men. It is also believed that this hairstyle also makes personality of a man so impressive that women start getting attraction toward him. In simple words, this hairstyle has a strong endearing effect on your dream girls for sure. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it is clean and uncomplicated. There is only a need to have sufficient hair on the top of head and you are free to make startling spikes with it.

men spikes trendy

long spike hair for men

What exactly spike hairstyle is?

The people who are planning to get spikes must know that their side hair should keep a little shorter than top hair, if they want to get real spiky look.  The top hair should never be shorter than than about 1 ¼ inches. If top hair will be shorter then how you would be able to make long spikes. When it comes to direction of spikes then normally guys point their spikes up; they consider it as a cool look.

men spikes haircuttrendy edgy hairstyles for men

Don’t look Wild

In case you are going to attend a special ceremony or event then it is always advisable to clean shave your facial hair. Beard would never work with your top spikes hair styles. You would get a wild look if you don’t shave your beard. In case you don’t want to shave off the facial hair then you can go for designer stubbles, which are a good match with spiky hairstyle. You would be able to get desirable elegant and graceful look with this supreme combination.

black spiky hairstyle for menmen spikes

Spiky hairstyle always perfect for Spiky hair

Men who have thick and coarse spiky hair always want to know how to deal with their hair. No doubt, spikes let them a chance to feel comfortable with their thick hair. In case you have short hair that are too light to lie flat and always stand up then you need to visit nearby barber shop and get a spiky haircut. Once you have this cut then you would be able to get stylish appearance. Since you have coarse hair , you don’t need to rely heavily on gel or spray. Natural thick hair texture makes it easy for you to just comb your hair up and get ready for a special party.

spike haircut for men

spiky hairstyle idea for men

How Do People Symbolize Spiky hair?

Before men get spiky hairstyle, they must know that this hairstyle is a signature look of bad boys and punks from many decades. Guys often wear them when they need to get ready for the clubs. It is a cool hairstyle that is also worn by men in weddings and black tie events.

trendy spikes hairstyle for menmen sharp and bold hairstyle

Spike hairstyles for Professionals

There is a misconception that spikes don’t look good in corporate setting while it is not true. Professional can surely wear spikes but not too long. They can opt for short and neat spikes on the top while tapering the side hair to a few inches. It is a masculine hairstyle that adds authority, height and angle into one’s outlook.

trendy spikes for men

men spiky haircut

How to do styling of Spiky hairstyles?

Men who get spiky hairstyle must have to rely more on gel and hair wax. In case you want to get strong and lasting impression then you need to apply hair spray. One important thing that you all must know that never go for shinny serum as they normally offer greasy look. Your task is to apply rational amount of gel because you need a good hold.

colored spiky hairstylesbig and long men spikes

Spikes with Color Highlights

Guys belong to fashion, music and style industry never hesitate to give a bold touch to their spike by highlighting them with color of their own choices. Many celebrities appear with colored spikes. Guys who follow celebrities and their latest fashion trends also opt for light or dark color highlights. For example, men with blonde hair opt for red highlights. Men who have black hair get blonde or skin highlights.

men spikes with highlights color spikes for menmen hairstyle and highlights for menNow it’s up to you to wear spiky hairstyle with or without highlights.c

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