Top 10 Trendy Makeup Looks for Christmas

Red hot makeup for Christmas

Christmas is just two weeks away and it’s right time to start thinking about your outfit, bags, and most importantly your makeup. You surely like to look different and beautiful at Christmas night party. If you are going to wear red dress at this night then certainly you are at a place where you can grab ideas of top 10 trendy makeup looks for this event.  Though eye makeup in red shades look stunning but this look isn’t in trend these days. Now makeup artists give preference to light eye makeup while applying dark red or maroon lipstick. If you want to confirm this trend, you just need to check latest fashion magazines where girls are wearing winter outfits and having a natural eye makeup with dark shade lipstick. I would like to present top 10 trendy makeup looks for Christmas for the girls who want to become fashionable at this eve.

10.Light Yellow Eye Shades with Maroon Lipstick

Want to get a model look? I think it is among the best makeup you can try. You need apply light yellow shades on your eye lids and then to blend it with a big eye brush. Pick black eye shades and apply it on the tips of lids. Blend it with a little brush. Get a black eye pencil and use it on upper and lower lids of eyes. Use high volume mascara for enhancing your eye-lashes beauty. Select a sweet and glossy maroon lipstick and apply it with a lip brush. You are done with a wonderful model look for Christmas.

Maroon lipstick with natural smoky eyes

9. Blue Eye Shades with Peach Orange Lipsticks

The girls who feels somewhat uncomfortable with hot red color,surely go for this makeup look at Christmas party. A glossy light peach orange color looks stunning when combine with blue eye shades. Inspiration of this makeup has been taken from Peacock eye makeup. However, you need to use one to two colors only when it comes to Christmas party.

orange lips and blue eyes makeup

8. Light pink-Brown Shade with hot Red Lipstick

The girl with big eyes can simply go for this makeup. They need to apply pink-brown eye shades on eye lids and then to blend it until it smooths. Simple mascara and light eye liner can be apply afterwards. A hot red lipstick would look amazing with such a natural eye makeup.

red and brown makeup for christmas


7.Light Pink Shades with Fire Brick

You need to choose soft pink shade for eyes and then to blend it as much as you can. Single coat of eyeliner need to apply once you have done with shade blending. Soft pink blusher need to apply on both cheeks. Fire Brick shade of Lipstick would give a final touch to your wonderful Christmas makeup.

chjristmas makeup simple6.Glossy Brown Shades, Blue Mascara and Hot Red Lipstick

Some girls have light eye circles, it is suggested to them to use a light brown glossy shade and apply it on eyelids. They need only shine of this shade and nothing else. No need to apply eye liner.Just use blue eye mascara and end your eye makeup. Apply hot red lipstick at the end.

Red hot makeup for Christmas5. Light Maroon glossy shade with Wine Lipstick

Natural eye makeup can also be done by using glossy light maroon eye shades. You just need to apply a single coat of this shade and then to blend it with tips of your finger (for best results). Apply a thin layer of eye liner on lower and upper eye lids. Use mascara a little bid. Final touch can be given to this makeup with Wine Lipstick, perfect color for Christmas party.

marroon lipstick with natural eye makeup4.Light peach Shades with Glossy Red Lipstick

Girls with white complexion often feel it hard to select right makeup for them. I think this robust makeup look would be perfect for them. They need to apply light peach shades a little bid on upper and lower lids of their eyes. A thin coat of black mascara should be used after blending eye shades. Last step of this makeup is application of glossy Red lipstick with lip brush.

glossy red makeup for christmas3.Light Brown Eye shades with Red Lipstick

It is among the most astonishing makeup looks for Christmas. You need to apply gloss light brown eye shades in an expert artist way. Apply a cat style eye liner once you have blended the shades. Pure red color lipstick should be chosen for this amazing look.

perfect christmas makeup2.Glossy Red Lipstick with peachy pink eye shades

Girls who have blue or aqua-shade eyes can surely give a try to this makeup. If you have black eyes then you can wear blue or aqua shade contact lenses, if you want to get this perfect makeup look. Light peachy matte eye shade should be picked. The main part of this makeup is eye-liner application. You need to know how to apply a thin but sleek coat of eye-liner on upper-lid of eyes. Always choose glossy red lipstick with this kind of natural eye makeup.glossy red lips for christmas1. Copper Eye Shades with Dark Red Lipstick

I put this makeup look at first position because every girl can give a try to it. You need to apply light copper shades on eyes and then to blend this shade as much as you can. Pick a light color contact lenses for this makeup. Transparent grey lenses have been worn by model. Dark red lipstick would give this makeup a perfect finishing touch. You need to apply light brown blusher as well.

copper eyes with red lipstick for Christmas

Now it’s your turn, pick one style and rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. Don’t forget to tell me which of these makeup looks for Christmas is more beautiful than others.

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