Top Celebrity fringe hairstyles

Jennifer Garner fringe hairstyles

Fringes are definitely hot hairstyle right now and they come in all shapes and sizes, which is why they are so versatile. Do you want to play around with some fabulous new bangs? Then you can take inspiration from the sexiest looking celebrity fringe hairstyles. From Angelina Jolie’s sexy side-swept fringe to Taylor Swift’s blunt bangs – there is a hairstyle for everyone.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina debuted a fabulous new fringe look since she went on the promotional tour for the movie “Salt”. She has heavy, side-swept fringe which has a softening, youthful effect on the face of the mega superstar.

Angelina Jolie fringes

Angelina’s Fringe hairstyle

Angelina Jolie top fringe hairstyles

Angelina Jolie Fringe hairstyle


Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift knows how to wear a fringe hairstyle with blunt, straight-across bangs which they looking amazing. A style with so much texture like this one needs a trim every two weeks, but Taylor’s look astonishing looks proves it’s worth-while.

Taylor swift fringe haistyle

Taylor Swift’s Fringes

Taylor Swift fringes

Cute Fringes of Taylor Swift


Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton is proving that fringes are for royalty as much as the rest of us, by adding a feathery, face-framing fridge which looks sexy but also professional.

Kate Middleton fringes hairstyle

Kate Middleton’s Fringes

fringe hairstyle of kate middleton

Kate Middleton fringe hairstyle


Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence had a variety of fringe hairstyles from side-swept fringe to a nowadays light fringe that just covers her forehead-a great style for those who don’t want to fully commit on keeping up. The Hollywood’s young star will look flawless in any hairstyle due to her hair’s texture and volume.

Fringes hairstyle of Jennifer Lawrence

Cute Fringes of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence fringes hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence’s fringes


Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner looks amazing even if her fringe isn’t in one heavy block. Jennifer Garner parts hers just off the center, flicking it outwards towards her temples-the perfect option when you have long, layered hair.

Jennifer Garner fringe hairstyles

Jennifer Garner’s Cute fringes


Demi Lovato
X-Factor judge Demi Lovato doesn’t do things by halves: she switched from blonde to dark chocolate brunette, and from center-parting to sharp fringe while she retained her professional looks.

Demo Lovato fringes

Demo Lovato’s Stylish Fringes


Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci’s fringes transition smoothly into the longer side hair. The feathery layering ideally complements the straight fringes while retaining glossy and polished look with a simple straight cut.

Christina Ricci fringes hairstyle

Christina Ricci’s Fringes

Now it’s time to pick one out of seven celebrity fringe hairstyles for you. Tell me which one you like the most.

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