Ten Unique Hair Braid Styles for Your Long Hair

dutch braid with ribbon

While there are many who know how to braid hair, there are some who can’t even make a simple ponytail braid at home. A lot of ladies rely on their ladies fellows or hairstyling experts when it comes to having braided hair for the party or new event such as birthday, prom night or night hang out. Though there are several hair braid styles for your long hair to choose from but few ones are quite sophisticated in their finish. For instance, fishtail, micro braid and french hair braid styles are still rocking everywhere- where ladies have a good fashion and hairstyling sense. It’s up to you how to do your hair but many stylists have confirmed that weekly braiding may help you hair to be healthy and powerful. For the sake of your hair’s vitality and strength, you must pick on the right braid to tie your hair tightly. The tighter you keep your hair, the stronger they would become.

Here is a countdown of some formal hair braid styles that are popular these days. They are very lovely and made intricately.

Braid Number 10: Weave Fishtail braid

weave fishtail braid

Braid Number 9: Dragon Spine Inspired Braid with spikes accent

spinal braid with spikes

Braid Number 8: Loose Bow Braid Style

loose bow braid

Braid Number 7: Bloomed Flower braid style

flower ringlets braid

Braid Number 6: French Flower Braid with bottom Fishtail

fishtail braid with flower

Braid Number 5: Formal Fishtail Pony braidfishtail ponytail

Braid Number 4: Pinned up Braided Ringlets with stone spray

braid ringlets with stones

Braid Number 3: Braid with ribbon dutch braid with ribbon

Braid Number 2: Double fishtail braid with two laced strings weaved within

double fishtail with ribbon

Braid Number 1: Loose Bow braid with soft curlsbow or tie braidimage credit:http://vk.com/club15790592

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