Sun and moon Tattoos Design with Meanings

Sun and Moon tattoos are quite popular among men and women. Sun and moon are usually combined into an individual tattoo design. Sun and moon tattoo represents” yang” and “yin” of life. This means they demonstrate balance of your life.The sun and moons have opposing energies but when they combine then they create a strong union.

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Sun and Moon Tattoo as a Man and Woman

Many people consider sun and moon tattoo as a way to demonstrate union between a man and woman. Sun demonstrates life, energy and power while moon tattoo demonstrates the instincts and emotions of human beings. It also symbolizes unconscious, subconscious and the unknown. The balance and harmony of a person’s character is also symbolized by moon tattoo. Therefore, it is good to combine sun and moon tattoo because such tattoo shows the character and traits of both men and women. Sun is a man tattoo while moon is a woman tattoo. Man and women can get separate sun or moon tattoo, if they want.

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Matching Sun and Moon tattoos

Usually, couples and lovers get matching sun and moon tattoo design.Sun is a symbol of man while moon is a symbol of woman. When they unite, they make the life. No doubt, there are many great ways to combine sun and moon tattoos. You can opt for tribal design or just make some cute or romantic kind of sun and moon tattoo designs. Generally, guys like to get a tattoo in which moon kiss the sun. They want to show the love of their partner or girl friend in this way. Even there are cases, when girls get a tattoo in which it seems that sun is hugging the moon.

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Deep meanings of Sun and Moon Tattoos

Moon and sun tattoos combine mean you and your partner are together. Alone you have some meanings but when you combine your power, energies and attributes then you get the most valuable meaning of life. The real happiness of life is only be attained when a man unites with a woman. World has no meaning without this union.

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Women are colors of universe while men enhance these colors, so if you need the best couple or true lover kind of tattoo design then you need to opt for sun and moon tattoo design.




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