How to Style Modern Pompadour?

how to style modern pompadour

In old movies, you may have seen men with classic pompadour. At present, men are able to get modern pompadour version. This latest version has more height and glam than classic one. Whenever you need to get a pompadour hairstyle, you should taper hair from sides; just to attain a perfect look. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it is equally good for professional and non-professional guys.

get modern pompadour hairstyle

How to Style Modern Pompadour?

It’s not really hard to get modern pompadour the picture of which is given below, you just need to follow four main steps.

how to style modern pompadour

Step No.1 Prepare and Brush Hair for styling

You need to wash your hair and then to properly conditioning them with a conditioner of your choices. Now turn on your blow dryer and start blow-drying your hair. Use a round bristle brush under your bangs and then try to add volume and height to your front bangs.

STEP 2 Smooth Side hair

While giving height to your frontal hair, you need to know that side hair of your scalp should be sleek and smooth. It’s good to apply a light gel on sides hair and keep them flat and silky.

STEP 3 Curling of Hair

Apply styling cream or gel on your bangs and then start creating curls with the mean of a large barrel curling iron. You can divide your bangs into three sections and then to curl each bang for almost 10 seconds. Try to curl your bangs from the root just to get required volume.

Step 4 Backcombing for Getting Appropriate Height

Now it’s time to get final look by backcombing the base hair, so you would be able to get signature modern pompadour look. After backcombing the hair, you need to smooth it over lightly brushing over the top without brushing the volume out of the hair. Your main purpose should be to add utmost height to your pompadour hairstyle.

3 Tips to Consider

modern men hairstyle idea pompadour

Here are three main tips you need to follow while styling a pompadour hairstyle.

  1. You need to use branded or high quality styling serum or gel while styling your pompadour hairstyle.
  2. Always smooth the side hair because if they are edgy then you might not get the desirable look. It’s good to apply a little amount of gel and then to brush your side hair. Some boys like to taper short their side hairs with this kind of hairstyle; choice is completely yours.
  3. Backcombing is the main step to style chic pompadour, so you need to do it accurately. Try to get as much height as you can and don’t forget to smooth these backcombed hair.

I’m sure you would feel it quite easy to style modern pompadour by following these four simple steps.


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