Stunning Micro Braiding Hairstyles for African little girls

African little girls love to stand out from the crowd and it is possible when they opt for micro-braiding hairstyle. It is a fact that making a micro braid styling takes time; but another fact is that this style increases overall appearance and outlook of little girls. African little girls usually select this style as it lets them feel not only comfortable but also very fashionable. Moreover, they look different from their friends and it is all they want.

micro braiding hairstyle for african little girls

simple micro braiding hairstyle

Micro braiding hairstyles are made with a bunch of braids. In case an African-American little girl has thin hair volume then it doesn’t mean she can’t try this fabulous hairstyle. She can also go for this stunning look but she needs to get some hair extensions for this purpose. A professional hairstylist can make a beautiful micro-braid style. However, there are many cases when art lovers make the micro-braid in a unique and attractive manner.

micro braid hairstyles for African-American girls

sweet micro braid hairstyle for African girls

If you have decided to make a micro-braid hairstyle of your cute little daughter then it is me who would like to provide you the details of famous micro-braiding hairstyles for African little girls.

Clear Leaf Shape Micro Braid

It is among the common micro braiding hairstyles for African little girls. Usually, little girls go for this shape of styling because it offers clear and clean look to their hair. They feel great when leaf is made with the tiny and micro braids of their hair.


african little girls leaf shaped micro braiding hairstyle

leaf shaped micro braiding hairstyle

leaf micro braiding hairstyle for little girls

Double-leaf micro braiding hairstyle

Random Micro braid

Mom often gives a try to random micro braiding hairstyles for her little girl. Actually, it is very easy and simple to make this style. There is no pattern that she should follow. She just need to divide hair into different section and then to start making tiny tight braids. This style is also suitable for some special occasion.

African little girls micro braiding hairstyle

random micro braided hairstyle

African little girl random micro braing

African little girl random micro braiding hairstyle


Clean Heart Shaped Micro Braids

A professional hairstylist love to make a clean and vivid heart shaped micro-braids with the hair strands of little African girls. Normally,  a hair stylist make use of synthetic hair strands while making heart shape micro braiding style. The reason is that this style needs thick volume. If a girls have thin hair texture then hair stylist mix synthetic hair strands with natural strands and offer a perfect heart-shape look.

heart micro braiding hairstyle for African little girls

heart shaped micro braiding hairstyle

Art work micro-Braiding

This kind of micro-braiding hairstyle for African little girls can be made by an expert hair stylist. He divides the hair into different section, make tiny braids and then pick a unique but catchy pattern for final touch.

art micro braiding hairstyle for little girls

fantastic art work micro braiding hairstyle

art work micro braided hairstyle for little girls

artistic micro braided hairstyle for little girls

Now you have got an idea that there are diverse micro braiding hairstyles for African little girls. You can pick one that seems the best. At the end, it is advisable to try this kind of stylish occasionally because excessive braiding may become a cause of hair loss. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try micro braiding hairstyle. You must try this but also take good care of your little girl hair health.

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