Step by Step Makeup Tutorial of Green Cat Eye

green cat eye makeup style

Generally, when we talk of cat eye makeup then a usual color come into your mind is black. There is no hard and fast rule to make cat eyes with black liner when you can define beauty of your eyes with green cat eye makeup. Today, I would like to unlock a step by step makeup tutorial of green cat eyes. Before you follow this tutorial, I suggest you to prepare your eyes for makeup. It means you have to cover the under eye dark circles with concealer and then apply some foundation. In simple words, you have to fully prepare your eyes.

green cat eye makeup style

Green Cat eye Step by Step Makeup Tutorial

Here are 6 simple steps that you need to follow for getting perfect and inspiring green cat eye makeup.

Step No.1

Apply very light skin-matching eyeshadow as a base. You need to use big eye brush for getting perfect smooth base.

Step No.2

It is one of the important steps of cat eye makeup. You need a green eye pencil or eye marker. With the mean of this marker you have to draw a line starting from the inner of your eyes to outer area. You have to first make an outline of crease and then extend it in cat eye style from crease to the outer corners of your eyes. Define the crease and then make side V-shape as shown in the image.

Step No.3

You have to choose dark green eyeshadow and then fill the corner of the eyes.

Step No.4

Pick light shade for inner area of eyes.Choose dark shade for outer lid. Step No You have to fill inner corner of your eye lid with very light shade of green or yellow. The basic purpose is to give a light, medium and dark hue over the lid.

Step No.5

Blend the shade as much as you can. The blending is among the most important step of green cat eye makeup tutorial. You can use your finger tips for getting perfect smooth finish.

Step No.6

Hurrah! You are done with green cat eye step by step makeup tutorial. Follow these steps and grab perfect cat eye look.
You may like to use eyeliner and mascara for making your eyes pop, though your eyes look great without them.

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