See How Ian Somerhalder Hairstyles and Fashion Heated up Magazines

ian somerhalder fashion style

The guys who really want to look extra stylish and sexy must have a look at Ian Somerhalder hairstyles and fashion . Every year, this talented and versatile actor gives a tough competition to young guys when it comes to graceful clothing and attractive hair styling. He is not only famous due to his powerful role in The Vampire Diaries as Damon Salvatore but also due to his trendy look. Girls wish to go for a date with this dashing guy who is capable to win the heart of teen girls though he is 35 years old. Today, I decided to peep into some amazing photo shoots of Ian Somerhalder. So, let’s start with the recent shoot.

ian somerhalder fashion style

Ian Somerhalder Photo-Shoot for Azzaro

Girls who want to be close to their boyfriends should present Azzaro to them. This perfume has a sweet smell and it is Ian Somerhalder who tells you how close you can bring a girl with this adorable perfume. Have a look at photo-shoot.

ian somerhalder azzaro photo-shoot

Ian is wearing Black coat and shirt and no doubt, this outfits suits to his magical personality. No doubt, he has terrific eyes. If you look at the image, you think that Ian forget to comb his front hair while fact is that Ian is trying to look super-casual with his light messy middle hair fringe.

ian somerhalder short hairstyle ian somerhalder photo


It is a fact that guys remain confused about Ian Somerhalder hairstyle name. Now in this photo-shoot, Ian haircut is very simple and super-casual. He has a side swept medium hairstyle.

azzaro photo shoot ian somerhalder hairstyleIan Somerhalder Photo-Shoot for Dolce & Gabbana April 2014

In case you are looking for something really cool this summer then I suggest to have a look at Ian Somerhalder clothing 2014 at Dolce&Gabbana In The Media: Fashion Editorials 31 March – 5 April 2014. He is wearing Sky blue shiny coat over white dress shirt and no doubt black check pattern tie is adding extra grace to his personality.Center-parted hairstyle of Ian somerhalder complement his overall dressing.

ian somehalder dolce and gabbana clothing 2014

Ian Somerhalder Photo-Shoot for Annex Magazines 2013-14 Winter Issue

As I mentioned earlier, guys always like to check about Ian Somerhalder fashion and hairstyle. Ian poses smartly for Annex Man Magazine winter 2013-14 cover page. He doesn’t only blessed with attractive face but also sexy body and muscles. He showed off his bare arms on the cover page of this magazine.

ian somerherlder man magazine photoshoot

In this pose, it seems that Ian does’t care who is capturing his picture. He is just starring at his stylish boots. His red and off-white winter coat is indeed terrific. Casual short hairstyle is among the common Ian somerhalder hairstyles.

Ian somerhalder clothing 2014Ian is showing off his attitude in this photo. He is wearing Black lining U-neck sweater.

Ian Somerhalder Annex men magazine 2014

For guys, winter wear would be incomplete without Ian Somherlader’s long coat

Ian somerhalder hairstyle and clothing

This winter, guys would love to copy this Ian Somerhalder fashion style. He  looks indeed stunning in every wear. The stylish loose sweater and black muffler add extra charm to his personality.

ian somerhalder fashion at annex magazineIan Somerhalder Fashion at People’s Choice Awards 2014

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev won People’ s choice awards 2014 as the best couple for TV shows. Both are very famous due to their roles in the Vampire Diaries. People love to see this couple not only behind the screen but also in the real life. Ian likes to meet his fan, so when he reached at Red carpet, he didn’t miss a chance to cherish his fans.

people's choice awards 2014 ian somerhalderian somerhalder at people choice awards 2014

Ian kissed Nina Dobrev after both got their awards at the stage of People’s Choice Awards 2014 held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday (January 8) in Los Angeles. Side parted casual hair strands is one of the common Ian hairstyles that we saw at this big event. Formal updo is one of the famous hairstyles of Nina Dobrev.

ian somerhalder and nina dobrev

Ian Somerhalder Looking Gentle-man at Cover page of Esquire China 2014

It seems that Ian is quite famous all over the world. He doesn’t only shoot for America’s Magazine but also for China. Quite recently, he heated up the magazine cover of Esquire China 2014. He appeared with his usual gentle-men look.

ian somerhalder esquire china 2014 cover page

Ian Somerhalder clothing 2014 is indeed really magical. Professional can surely take inspiration from his dress. He is wearing blue coat and tie with white dress shirt.

ian somerhalder hairstyyle at esquire china 2014

Ian Somherlader also showed off his magical eyes in the inner pages of Esquire China Magazine 2014 issue.


ian somerhalder eyes show off

When it comes to Ian Somherlder hairstyles, then you really find it hard to say what exactly he is wearing. This time, Ian is overlapping one side of his hair over other just to get a voluminous hair look. This hairstyle complement perfectly to his slim-fit black T-Shirt and dress pant.

ian somerhalder clothing esquire china 2014

Ian Somherlder Clothing and Fashion at Vanity Fair Italia

Ian Somerhalder is not only a startling actor but also a robust model. His photo-shoot for Vanity Fair Italia October 2013 was simply heart-touching. The background setting of his pictures was inspired from his role in the Vampire Diaries as “Bad and Impulsive Vampire”.

vabity fair ian somerhalder hairstyle and clothingian somerhalder vanity fair pictures

Guys who take inspiration from Ian Somerhalder hairstyles must check a short casual messy hairstyle in the below picture. He is wearing Black coat over black and white check dress shirt.

vanity fair ian somerhalder fashion



vanity fair photo-shoot ian somerhaldervanity fair photo-shoot ian somerhalder

Men who are conscious about fashion don’t forget to check unique combination of Ian Somerhalder clothing. He is wearing red sweater with ash brown jeans. When it comes to his hairstyling, Ian has slicked front hair strands that are flying in the air.


ian somerhalder hairstyle and clothing at vanity fair

Guys can grab magical look through this messy medium hairstyle .It  is very simple to get this hairstyle of Ian Somherlader. There is only a need to trim down the back side hair then to wash hair properly. Take a little amount of hair gel, apply it thoroughly in the hair. Now finger-comb your hair and let the frontal hair strands move freely on forehead.


ian somerhalder vanity fair photo-shoot
Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Sizzled Metro Cover Page

The Vampire Diaries’ famous stars  Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are looking cute on the cover of Metro Magazine’s Style Issue August 2013. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder clothing is  Penshoppe. Gita Bass done the makeup of Nina Dobrev while hairstyling completed by Ryan Trygstad. Nina is looking amazing with her casual wavy hairstyle. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev on Metro magazine cover page

Ian Somerhalder Fashion at Prestige Magazine Cover

Ian Somerhalder medium stylish haircut looks simply terrific at the cover of Prestige Hong Kong’s April 2013 issue. He is wearing Black Tie and coat along with white dress shirt.Prestige magazine 2013 cover ian somerhalder

Spiky hair is one of the hot Ian Somerhalder style s. His messy spikes give him a bad-boy look. This hairstyle looks simply perfect with blue funnel neck coat, it is one of the best style of Ian Somerhalder clothing.

ian somerhalder prestige magazine

Now what are you waiting for? Go and copy Ian Somerhalder style and fashion as it is.

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