Red Hot Exhibition of Redhead Male Models will Surely Change “Ginger Stereotypes”

redhead men hairstyels

In films and TV series, whenever we look at a redhead male then we quickly consider him a villain or a negative character. Well, this is a common “ginger stereotypes” that has been challenged by Thomas Knights, Brit Photographer. He launched an exhibition of snaps that give you a chance to discover sexy redhead men.

redhead red hot exhibition

Thomas didn’t like the way ginger men are represented in the film and TV series. He invited some really hot redhead male models who are heroes, too.

red hot exhibition New york

When asked about his exhibition, red hot, Knights said: “In films, redheaded actors usually play the bad guy, or the angry, undesirable and weak characters.

redhead hot male shirtless

“The redheaded female is usually portrayed in a very positive light, a highly sexualised ideal of a woman, but the ginger man is never shown as a cool, inspirational figure or hero.”

redhead shirtless man

“Ginger men are routinely desexualized and emasculated in popular culture, I would like to help reverse that stereotyping.”

redhead men hairstyels

Well, he did a great job to explore the real meaning of redhead male models. After exploring his Red Hot exhibition, you would surely change your viewpoints about redhead male. If you want to explore complete gallery then you have to go to New York where Red Hot Exhibition has started.

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