Portray True love via 3d Red Rose Tattoos

3d red rose tattoos for women

Red rose tattoos are quite popular among girls since they want to demonstrate their long lasting and true love with the mean of such tats. It is good to know that rose has been used as a symbol in various legends, myths and cultures. Though different culture people got different styles of red rose yet the meanings of 3d red rose tattoos in all cultures is ‘True love, passion and respect”. Although men also get these tattoos yet fact is that this specific kind of tattoo looks more appealing on women than men.

3d rose tattoos for women

History of Rose Tattoos

Rose tattoo designs became popular in 1930s and 1940s due to sailors who got different color flower tattoos on their bodies just to honor their wives or girls friends, whom they left behind due to their journey. In that era, sailors were spending tough lives but red, blue, pink and other color flower tattoos kept them motivated. These tattoos told them that someone special was waiting for them. Red rose tattoos indeed have emotional history since lovers drop red ink with this flower design on their back, ribs, belly, arm, leg, etc just to demonstrate their passion and love.

3d red flower tattoos for back

How did white Flower Turned Red?

As I told you earlier, rose has a great role in mythology. It is believed by the ancient Greeks that rose was first white actually instead of red. White rose turned red due to the goddess of love Arphrodite who was poked by a thorn on the rose bush and bled on the blooms of the rose. In this way, white blooms changed to red. No doubt, it is an interesting story behind rose. Check some cool ideas of 3d rose tattoos below.

3d red rose ankle tattoo3d red rose tattoo for shoulder red rose tattoo for leg

Red Rose Tattoos Meanings in 21st Century

Common meaning of red rose doesn’t change in current century. Girls and boys symbolize rose tattoos for love, passion and affection. Girls get 3d red rose tats on their body since they want to convey a message of their inner feelings of love to their boyfriends or lovers. Every time they see a red rose tattoo, they realize that there is someone very special who love them.

arm 3d red flower tattoosback red rose tattoos for girls3d red rose belly tattoo

It has been also reported by girls with red rose tattoo designs that whenever they are suffering from a problem, they look at their tattoos and feel that they would be able to deal with this problem. They claimed that their love gave them power to face any problem of life.

leg flower tattoosshoulder 3d red flower tattoo designs best tattoos for girlsback tattoos

So, what are you waiting for? If you have fallen in love with someone then it’s right time to get this power of love and to portray your true love for him via wonderful 3d red rose tattoos.

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