Popular Bowl Haircut for kids in 2015

kids bowl cut ideas with streakes

Do you want to make your kid look super charming? I suggest you to go for bowl haircut. This is regarded as one of the popular kids haircuts in 2015. It happens many times that mother give this cut to their kids at home, which is a nice idea only when you have good knowledge of haircuts. If you are a beginner and think that you can give a perfect cut then you are wrong. This haircut is nicely done only by an expert.

This kid has kind of natural golden streaks which are making the cut more beautiful, appealing and energetic.

small boy bowl cu hair

Changing hair color along with bowl haircut is another good idea. Boys with blonde hair usually don’t like their hair color and ask their parents to change color. In such situation, red and black are two common color options to choose; though you can try some other color as well. When you pick a color, you need to keep in mind complexion of your boy. If complexion is dark then light hair dye would work well.

It’s not uncommon to see Chinese kids wearing this short hair, but one thing to notice is it has completely framed the broad face.

cool kids haircuts little kids hairstyles

kids bowl cut ideas with streakes

Symmetry of hair over the forehead brings more value to the cut.
boy haircuts bowl

Kids in old movies used to pull it off, but don’t think it’s outdated now.  You will see it around in many places because it’s the best of all cuts we have ever seen. Let’s admit that sometimes things don’t change with the time, perhaps this one style is an example of what I am claiming here.
cool haircut ideas for kidws cute kids haircuts

Good for blondes for sure. Hair is not falling over the face and it’s managed thoroughly by the cut itself in a good manner, perhaps your kid needs something like this. short haircuts kids

Perfect angle and circular shape is two important factors in which beauty of bowl haircut lie a lot. Only an expert barber is able to cut hair in a way that it has right angle from nape to crown. Getting full bowl shape is another important thing. Barber fades nape and area skin to a great extent. Sometimes, buzzing side hair also add beauty to this particular haircut. Some kids look cute with fade hair from nape and sides while other look charming with hair falling on ears. It would be your personal preference whether to taper hair from ear sides or not. It is good to go with barber suggestion as he knows better than you about styling.

bowl cut with streaks bacxk view

black bowl hair cut ideas best bowl cut for kids

Little fellow is quite comfortable with this cut, he is not messy anymore.boy cut hair ideas bowl cut boy cut

So, when you are going to give your little boy a cute bowl haircut? It would surely change his appearance to a great extent.

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