Perfect Long hairstyles for Round Faces:Change your Look now

round face girl feathered haircut

Women who have round face usually like to camouflage their roundness, they don’t like it make it prominent with their hairstylist. The best way to do this is to choose one out of many different lkind of long hairstyles for round faces. When you choose a long hairstyle that you would be able to create an illusion of length very successfully. Let’s have a look at long hairstyles that are perfectly suitable for round faced women.

The best long haircut for round Faces: Layered haircut

Layered haircut make round faced women simply gorgeous.First layer of this cut should fall a few inches below your chin, even the length could be longer for very long hair women, it should never be above your earlobe. If you opt for very short layers then your round face will become rounder since short layers will add volume to the sides of your face. It is good to choose the right hairstylist whenever you need layered long hairstyles for round face.

round face long layered har

Long layered hairstyles for round face

round faces bangs

Stunning layers hairstyles for round faces

layered haircut round faces

Beautiful side swept bangs and layered haircut

Long Bouncy wavy hairstyle Round Faces

The roundness of your face can easily be handled or deflected with the wavy hairstyle. You need a curling iron for getting perfect bouncy long waves. Before you actually start hairstyling , it is advisable to use shampoo and conditioner in your hair and then opt for blow dry or air-dry. After that you have to wrap your hair around the barrel of a curling iron and the end results would be bombastic wavy long hairstyles for round faces.

round face women long wavy hair

Long wavy hairstyles for round faces

round face wavy hair

Perfect long wavy hairstyle for round face

round faces long wavy hair

Wavy long hairstyles for round faces

Perfect Angle Bangs for Round Faced Women

It is a fact that bangs give a perfect angle to a round face. Generally, hairstylists opt for long bangs that usually hit the cheekbone. This length of bangs always looks stunning on a round faced women. Razor-cut sharp edgy bangs are good choice for those women who need a bold look. Side swept bangs is one of the popular long hairstyles for round faces.

bangs hair for round faces

Perfect long bang hairstyles for round faces

round face women long straight hair

Fringe and sleek bangs hairstyle round face

Long Straight hairstyles for Chic Look

Do you want to give your round face an illusion of length? It would be possible when you opt for sleek long straight hairstyle for round face. You need to use flat iron after applying glossy or shiny hair serum on your hair. Long straight hair would leave your desirable impression.

round face sleek long hair

Long straight hairstyles for round faces

round face sleek straight hair

Beautiful long straight hair style for round faces

Fringe hairstyles for Round Face

Another way to define the beauty of your round face is to opt for a fringe. The short hair fringe in long hair would look appealing. The fringe can be combined with long straight hair, wavy or curly hairstyle. Always visit the best hair salon where an expert would be able to cut the perfect fringe that compliments your round face.

round face fringe

Cute fringe long hairstyles for round faces

perfect fringe and wavy hair of jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Fringe and wavy hairstyle

Long Feathered haircuts for Round Faces

If you don’t need layers then another haircut that would look amazing on oval face shape is feathered haircut. This particular cut makes your hair bouncy and amazing. Girls who have thin hair can strength up volume via this wonderful hairstyle for round faces.

round face women feather hairstyle

Long feathered hairstyles for round faces

round face girl feathered haircut

Auburn feathered haircut for round face girl

There is no need to browse long hairstyles for round faces anymore because I have unlocked a list o of perferct hairstyles for you.

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