Peep into Meanings and Designs of Rihanna Tattoos

rihanna star tattoo inside her ear

Rihanna is indeed fashion and music diva. She doesn’t only have magical voice but beautiful face. She has millions of fans all around the world. Girls love to follow her fashion trends and boys like her beauty. She has 23 different tattoos on her body. Interestingly, both guys and girls take good interest in Rihanna Tattoo. Some like to copycat her tattoos. Normally,Rihanna tattoos have some specific meanings. Let’s start explore 23 amazing tattoos of Black beauty i.e. Rihanna.

1. Music Note Tattoo

She had music note tattoo on her right foot.It was first tattoo of rihanna. She got this ink on her foot when she began her music journey in 2006. The simple meaning of this tattoo is her association with music industry. Now this tattoo has been replaced with falcon tattoo.

Rihanna foor music note tattoorihanna foot music note tattoo

2. Pisces sign Tattoo Design

She got pisces sign tattoo behind her right ear.  This tattoo was designed by a famous Brazilian artists who generally start booking three years in advance. Rihanna was quite lucky, She approached her when he was in Tokyo. Thereby, she got her inked immediately, without any kind of booking.

Rihanna behind ear pisces sign tattoo designs rihanna pisces sign tattoos

3. Sanskrit prayer Tattoo

Rihanna believed in honesty and forgiveness. She got a Sanskrit prayer tattoo that is going down her hip. She got this ink in 2007. Her Sanskrit tattoo meaning is  “Forgiveness, Honesty, Suppression and Control”. Though this tattoo got  misspelled but it looked amazing on her body.

Rihanna sanskrit prayer tattoos

4. A star Tattoo

Rihanna got a cute star tattoo in her inner left ear. A tattoo artist created this tattoo in the Village in NYC. No doubt, she has to bear a lot of pain while getting this tattoo. The meaning of this tattoo is very simple, she wants to shine like a star in the music industry.

Rihanna inside ear star tattoorihanna star tattoo inside her ear

5. An Arabic phrase Tattoo

Rihanna got an Arabic phrase tattoo on her ribcage area. This tattoo reads  ‘Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh’ that can be translated as Freedom in God. Rihanna demonstrates her belief with the mean of this tattoo designs.

rihanna arabic phrase freedom in god tattoo

6. A trail of stars going down her back

It is among the most visible Rihanna tattoos. She has a trail of star that begins from her nap and go down to her upper back. This design is created by her favorite tattoo artist named Bang Bang. This tattoo of Rihanna somehow matches with trio of stars tattoo behind her boyfriend Chris Brown’s ear.

Rihanna cluster of star tattoo on backRihanna trail of star tattoos

7. A skull with a pink hair bow

Rihanna got a small skull tattoo on her left ankle. She got this tattoo during her stay in Miami. A skull with cross bones usually means danger but Rihanna tries to add a cuteness factor to this dangerous tat with a pink hair bow.

Rihanna ankle skul tat

8. LOVE word  Tattoo

It is one of the most cute Rihanna tattoos. She got love word ink on her left middle finger. This tattoo isn’t very visible and it seems that Rihanna wants to hide her love feelings. It gets visible when she holds something in her left hand. She got this tattoo in Los Angeles.

love tattoo on finger Rihanna finger love tattoos

9. The “Shhh…” phrase

When it comes to some inspirational tattoos of Rihanna then you can consider this tattoo. “Shhh…” phrase on  her right index finger looks very attractive. Tons of Rihanna’s fan love to copy this tattoo though it is already copied by Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen.RiRi got this ink on June 2008.

Rihanna shhhh tattshhh.. tattoo of riri

10. The date ’4.11.1986 Tattoo

Rihanna got date tattoo ’4.11.1986 on top of her left shoulder. The meaning of this tattoo demonstrates true love of RiRi for her best friend Melissa, whose birthday date is 4.11.1986. Once Rihanna got this tattoo, Melissa got Rihanna birthday date tattoo as a return for her love.

Rihanna friend birthday date tattoo in roman Rihanna roman number tattoos

11. Tribal sign Tattoo

Rihanna got tribal sign tattoo while her tour in New Zealand in November 2008. The meaning of this tattoo is strength and love. Rihanna says, “It’s their traditional way of tattooing.I always wanted [one].” No doubt, Rihanna had to bear a lot of pain while getting ink of this Maori-inspired geometric tattoo design.

rihanna tribal maori tattoo

12. A handgun Tattoo

A handgun is among the most controversial tats of Rihanna. She got a small handgun ink on her ribcage just below her right armpit. This tattoo was done by her favorite tattooist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy in Los Angeles. The meaning of this tattoo is power and strength.

rihanna short gun tattoo

rihanna short handgun tattoo on ribcage

13. “Never a failure, always a lesson” Tattoo

Rihanna got an inspirational moto “ Never a failure, always a lesson” near her right shoulder in December 2009. She got tattoo in a very clever way, she can read this moto when she looks herself in the mirror. When Bang Bang asked why she wanted that tattoo then Rihanna said, It’s kind of my motto in life for everything. Instead of considering things to be mistakes, considering them lessons.” It is also told by Bang Bang then Rihanna wanted this tattoo in black and white just to be more subtle and she didn’t want to grab too much attention toward her tat.

rihanna moto tattoo designsRihanna never a failure always a lesson tattoo designs

14. “Rebelle Fleur”

Rihanna got “Rebelle Fleur” tattoo on her neck in August 2010. It is a French word that means Rebel Flower. Bang Bang said about Rihanna, “She loved it.She always flips out [when it’s done] and jumps up and down like a 16-year-old girl getting her first car.”

Rihanna rebelle Fleur tattoo designsRebelle fleur tattoo of Rihanna

15. Rihanna Thug life tattoo

Rihanna got “Thug Life” in capital letters across her knuckles. She wanted to give a tribute to the late Tupac Shakur via this tattoo. She got this ink  on 25 January, 2012. Popular tattoo Mark Mahoney done this tattoo at Mahoney’s Shamrock Shack tattoo parlor in L.A. It is a unique tattoo or Rihanna in white ink.

Rihanna thug life tattooRihanna thigh life tattoo in white ink

16. Small Cross Tattoo

It is among the best Rihanna Tattoos. She had small cross black ink on her collarbone. She got this tattoo on March 15, 2012. Bang Bang done this tattoo and when it comes to mean of this tattoo then he told that this tattoo meant a lot to Rihanna and she loved it. Rihanna believes in freedom in God, she might got it just to demonstrate her belief on Christianity. She also has Arabic and Sanskrit tattoos.

rihanna small cross tattooRihanna small cross tattoo on collar bone

17 “Lover” Tattoo designs

Rihanna got lover tattoo design on above her butt in March 2012. When this tattoo first hit the web then no body knows what it meant. Actually, this hip tattoo of Rihanna is written in foreign language Tibetan and reads  “lover”. Some says that meaning of this Rihanna tattoo is her love for Chris brown. The general meaning of this tat might be a reminder that no matter what happens in her life she loves people who love her back. It is among the most popular Rihanna tattoos.

Rihanna butt lover tattoorihanna lover tattoo in tibetan language

18. Gun Shaped Falcon Tattoo

Rihanna replaced her music note tattoo of foot with an Egyptian falcon that is shaped like a gun. Rihanna tweeted about her tat: “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep”

Rihanna falcon tatto design on footRihanna falcon tattoo on foot

19. Goddess Isis tattoo of RiRi

Rihanna wanted to give a tribute to her late grandmother so she got an Egyptian goddess Isis tattoo on her chest during September 2012.

Alongside the picture, Rihanna tweeted:

“Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart.”

Isis is said to be ‘the ideal mother and wife’ , friend to slaves, sinners and the downtrodden, protector of dead, patron of magic and nature.

Rihanna egyptian goddess tattoo on chestRihanna goddess tattoo on chest

20. Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti

When it comes to latest Rihanna tattoos then you can see Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti portrait ink on  Rihanna’s left ribcage. She got this black and white portrait tattoo in January, 2013. For your information,Nefertiti (ca. 1370 BC – ca. 1330 BC) was the Great Royal Wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. She got many different titles such as Great of Praises, Lady of Grace, Sweet of Love, Hereditary Princess, etc.

Rihanna queen nefertity tattoo designs

21.A Traditional Maori Tattoo

Rihanna got another Maori tattoo on her right hand. She got this ink during the New Zealand leg of her Diamonds world tour in October 2013. This tattoo comprises of small black lines and arrow symbol that extend from right ahnd to forearm tattoo. No doubt, it is the largest tattoo that Rihanna got till 2013.

traditional maori tattooRihanna traditional maori tattoo

22. A Henna-Style Tattoo

As we all know, Rihanna wasn’t very satisfied from her Maori large tattoo design. So she designed to replace the ink with new tattoo. She flew to her favorite tattooist Bang Bang to  the Dominican Republic on October 27, 2013. She covered up her Maori giant tattoo with sexy and feminine Henna tattoo designs. This tattoo is very visible and bold.

Rihanna hand henna tattoorihanna henna tattoo designs

23. A Large Cross Tattoo

If you are looking for Rihanna Tattoos 2014, then you must have a close look at right wrist of Rihanna where this singer got a large cross tattoo. Bang Bang done this tattoo at NY tattoo studio on 11 January, 2014. This tattoo is inked on the underside of her right wrist. She also has a small cross on her collar bone. Meaning of large cross tattoo of Rihanna is her faith on Christianity.

Rihanna big cross tattoosRihanna big cross wrist tattoo designs


Now you have explore meanings and designs of Rihanna tattoos from 2006-2014. We don’t know when she got new tattoo. However, we will surely update you, if Rihanna got new tattoos in 2014. So stay tune to know more about her.


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