Must try 7 Simple braid hairstyles for kids

b style simple braid hairstyles

Mothers who are searching for some really fascinating and simple braid hairstyles for kids would love to explore 7 different braided hairstyles, which I’m going to highlight below. Let’s have a look.

1.B-style simple braid hairstyle for long hair kids

If your little girl has long hair then you must opt for this creative B-style Braided hair. Your task is to make a simple braid low ponytail. You need to make a simple three strand English braid and then to make a braid on her head. Use hair pins for fixing “B” with the simple braid.

b style simple braid hairstyles

2.Twisted ponytail hair bun

When you first look at this braid hairstyle for kids then you think that it is difficult to create; while it is not reality. You can make this hairstyle within 15 minutes. Your task is to make a high ponytail and then divide this into two equal portions. Now make twisted braid with two portions, secure the twisted ponytails. It’s time to make a round braid updo on the head. Fix this updo with bobby pins.

twisted o shaped braid hairstyles

3.Double side braid ponytails

It is one of the cutest braid hairstyles for kids. Mother needs to divide hair into portions. Make the braid with each hair portion. Now double the braid and secure it in a ponytail. You can adore this pigtail hairstyle with ribbons.

pigtail braid hairstyles

4.Twisted portion braid hairstyle

In order to make this hairstyle, you should leave the front fringe and take hair strand from the side. Now take a strand divide hair into portions, twist each portion and then secure short tail with a ponytail. Repeat these steps two times and then finally pin up twisted braid. It seems to be one of the best simple braid hairstyles for kids.

twisted kids braid hairstyles

5.Stylish crown braid hairstyle

If your little girl wants to look very attractive then you should opt for a crown braid hairstyle. You need to make a French type braid by taking hair portion at equal interval. You must learn making crown braid from the web. This braid hairstyle requires short time.

crown braid hairstyles kids

6.C-style braid hairstyles for kids

Another cute hairstyle for little girl is C-style braid. You need to take hair strands from up and down of head and then to make twisted braids. You should have to set the up and down braid in C-style with the help of bobby pins.

c-style twisted braid hairstyle

7. Double side fishtail braid hairstyle

One of the amazing braid hairstyles for kids is double side fishtail braid. You have to take hair portion from the both sides, make hair fishtail braids and then fix the braid in the middle of head. This hairstyle seems very attractive.

fishtail braid haistyles

Mothers would surely like to try any of these simple and creative simple braid hairstyles for kids. Don’t forget to comment on best braid hairstyle.


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