Must Try 5 Ideas of Pink Easy Nail Art Designs

different designs for pink nail art

Want to create the best manicure for upcoming friend’s party? I think you need to check 5 cool pink easy nail art designs. Wear pink outfit and try any of these nail art ideas.

Idea No.1 Opt for Strawberry Nail art

Strawberry is a delicious fruit that we all love to taste. Though usual color of strawberry is pink but you can add your own art into this design by creating pink and green strawberry nails. You need to follow some easy steps.

  • FirstĀ  of all you have to apply dark pink shade in the base.
  • Create the leaves of strawberry with green nail polish
  • Use dotter (nail art tool) and then make dots on dark pink nail polish base.
  • Now secure the beauty of strawberry pink nail art with a top coat.

strawberry pink nail art

Idea No.2 Try Pink and Black Heart Design

If you need a cute nail art for a romantic day then you should reach for pink/black heart nail art designs. Follow some easy steps and get this design.

  • Apply pastel pink nail polish on your nails.
  • Take a toothpick, dip it into black nail polish.
  • Make tiny black heart on the side of each nail.

pink and black heart easy nail art

Idea No.3 Add Glitter to Pink Easy nail art

This easy nail art idea is a perfect party manicure. You don’t need to do a lot for getting a startling design. Here are 2 easy steps to follow.

  • Apply pink nail polish on the base.
  • Now apply glittery gold nail polish at one side of each nail.

glittery pink nail art

Idea No.4 Geometrical Designs of Pink Manicure

It is indeed a fascinating nail art design that you would love to try. You only need three main things for this fabulous manicure such as pink nail polish, silver nail polish and white nail polish. Each nail has different design. Every design is simple enough. Go and make it.

different designs for pink nail art

Idea No.5 Black and Pink Easy nail art

Normally girls decorate their nail tips with different colors but it’s time to think different. You can decorate your nail with many different angles.

  • Apply pink nail polish as your base.
  • Now you need to create V-shape close to tip of your nail with silver nail polish.
  • Outline silver nail polish with black nail polish. You can use a marker for proper outlining.

pink and black nail art designI’m sure you would like to try these five cool ideas of pink easy nail art designs, whenever you have to attend a special or casual party.

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