Multi-talented Justin Timberlake Tattoos and Meanings

justin timberlake alpha dog tattoos

Justin Timberlake is a handsome guy who has a photogenic face. He is an American singer, song writer, businessmen, actor and Philanthropist. He has been working in Television from his childhood. He started his career as a singer. Once he earned name and fame as a solo music artist, many Hollywood directors and producers were ready to sign him in their movies. He showed his acting talent in different movies such as Runner,In Time,The Social Network, Bad Teacher and Friends With Benefits. Last year, he came back to music world with the release of The 20/20 Experience. He is mainly famous due to his songs but another thing that seems attractive to his fans is Justin Timberlake Tattoos. They always want to get an update of his tattoos and their meanings. Let’s start exploring his tattoos and their meanings.

justin timberlake tattoos


Celtic Cross Tattoo

JT has Celtic Cross tattoo on his left upper arm.  This tattoo demonstrates how religious he is. It is symbol of his faith in Christ. Actually,Justin born and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee. He started his music talent by singing in church.  Father of JT was a choir director at a Baptist Church while  his grandfather was a preacher. He didn’t follow the exact footstep of his family yet he has good faith. In Larry King Show, host asked from Justin Timberlake whether he is religious then he said that the term for him is more spiritual than religious. He often say that religion played a big role in his life.

celtic cross tattoo of justin timberlake

Cherubic Angel Tattoo

Another sacred tattoo of Justin Timberlake is Cherubic angel that you can find on his neck and upper back. It is the largest among all Justin Timberlake tattoos. The cherub is holding a banner that is marked with his mother’s initials. You can see a celestial background behind the cherub. Guardian is a word that you can see around his tattoos. This word represents his twin sister who died at birth.

justin timberlake cherubic angel tattooA band of Flames Tattoo

Justin has a band of flames that is underscored by a red rope. You can see this tattoo on his ankle. Band of flames is a logo from the N’Sync days of Justin Timberlake. Below the flames, you can see a red rope that represents the popularity and exposure that he earned from the success of the boy band.

justin timberlake flame nysnc tatoo

Silhouette of a Marionette

Another tattoo of Justin Timberlake that belongs to his N’Sync days is the silhouette of a marionette which was a symbol of N’Sync’s o Strings Attached days. If you flash back and remember the wonderful videos of JT i.e. Bye Bye Bye and It’s Gonna Be Me then you knew that each member posed as a marionette.

justin timberlake nysnc tattoos

Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Justin Born on January 31,1981 and he is an Aquarian. He has his zodiac sign tattoo on his left leg. You can see a sign along with a chain that wraps all the way around his calf.

justin timberlake aquarius zodiac sign tattoo

Justin Timberlake Initials Tattoos

You can find his own name Justin Randall Timberlake initials on front of his ankle.

justin timberlake name initials T tattoo

Chinese Symbol

He has a Chinese symbol that is translated as “Music” or “Song” on his left ankle. This tattoo is a clear representation of what exactly he is. He wants to show his work with the mean of this symbol.

justin timberlake chinese symbol for music tattoo


Fake Tattoos of Justin Timberlake

JT got some fake tattoos all over his body when he was playing a role in the movie Alpha Dog. He was playing a role of drug gang member, so he had to drop inked for getting the real get up of a gangster. Though these tattoos were unreal but they earned fame more than real tattoos. Year 1976 fake tattoo was on his chest and no doubt, this tattoo looked amazing. Other Justin Timber Tattoos were Chinese character and The Virgin Mary.

justin timberlake virgin mary tattoo designs

1976 tattoo of justin timberlake

Currently, he has removed his fake tattoo now. However, you can still have a look of  amazing Justin Timberlake tattoos. He would surely come up with new tattoos since he is back to music world. There is a possibility that he would get another tattoo for celebrating band success.

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