Modern Pompadour: Trendy 2014 Hairstyles for Men

Pompadour hairstyle 2014 Justin Timberlake

Men who are daring enough to wear any type of hairstyle would surely go and try one of 2014 trendy hairstyles for men i.e. Modern Pompadour. This hairstyle first hit the fashion industry in the 18th century when Madame De Pompadour, Mistress of King Louis XV won the heart of all through it. The name of hairstyle is derived from Mistress’s name. Fashionable women started Following Pompadour and it remained one of the famous female dominated hairstyles until World War I.  In 1950, Elvis adopted Pompadour as a part of his signature look and men started following Elvis from that time. Pompadour is considered as “ Classical Rock-n-Roll kind of hairstyle”attracted toward this hairstyle.

Pompadour hairstyles of David Beckham 2014

Flexible Hairstyle: Suitable For all Ages

Good thing about Pompadour hairstyle is that it is perfectly suitable for all ages. Men of all ages can give it a try. Actually this style is quite flexible; a hairstylist is able to try diverse cuts and angles for different people. However, extremity of cut should be fully considered by the hairstylist while doing the cut. An expert hairstylist should always try to get an end results that complements personality, lifestyle and professional of a person.


men pompadour hairstyling ideaside pompadour hairstyle men

styling pompadour hairstyle for men

Modern Pompadour is Back in 2014

Normally, we have seen many top models with Pompadour hairstyles on the cover page of Vogue for a last few years. Trend of this hairstyle was dormant at the end of last year. But it is again back in 2014 after the startling shot of Justin Timberlake for T Magazine. He wore pompadour that seemed like one of the remarkable and amazingly 2014 men hairstyles. His hairstyle has a unique combination of classical Pompadour with a modern touch. His shot became very famous on menswear blogs, tumblrs and social networks in a matter of seconds. Men start considering chic pompadour again in 2014.

Pompadour hairstyle 2014 Justin Timberlake

Jutin Timberlake

men hairstyles 2014 Pompadour 2014 hairstyle ideas for men Pompadour

Want Classic Pompadour?

Normally, some guys love to get classic pompadour since they like to follow Elvis in every way. For a refined classical pompadour, a hairstylist needs to clipper hair from back and sides of head. However, he should not too much cut short hair, otherwise scalp gets exposed and it ruins the smart look.

johnny cash classic pompadour

Johnny Cash Classic Pompadour

classic pompadour hairstyle of Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson Classic Pompadour

Guys who emphasize on their rugged appeal must try this amazing 2014 men hairstyle. Ideal look can be achieved by tapering the edges while keeping the length same. Little edges tapering will enhance the facial look and add strength to overall shape to a great extent. Masculine appeal can be attained effortlessly through this kind of classic Pompadour hairstyling option.

classic pompadour for men

Extreme Pompadour Might become one of the Top Men hairstyles in 2014

Guys can achieve modern hair look through modern and chic pompadour, that is different from classic pompadour in every mean. Your hairstylist would clipper the sides on a grade one. In case you want to look super cool then you can also give a try to no grade on the clipper, that offers skin fade. The heart of modern pompadour 2014 is in its length and curve angle. The hair should be clipped very high into the curve of head. It is always good to have more length on the top section. The hairstylist would also ask you whether you want to extend this hairstyle to crown or not. In case you want extension then hair will hang below the crown area.

high top pompadour hairstyle for mensleek and stylish pompadour hairstyle for menmodrn pompadour for men


Pompadour Length Must be balanced

One important thing that you need to understand about Pompadour is great look of this kind of men hairstyle 2014 can only be attained when hairstylist chooses correct length of hairstyle. More volume and tighter sides will make your face looks extra long. The guys with narrow face can add more length in sides while keeping the top very slick. It is good to get expert advice about the length of side and volume of pompadour, so that you always get one of the balanced and the perfect pompadour 2014 men hairstyles.

pompadour hairstyles in 2014

Get Inspiration from Celebrity

In case you want some examples of pompadour hairstyles then you must check images of celebrities such as Bruno Mars, David Beckham,Miguel, Zack Effron, Adam Lambert, and many more. No doubt, David Beckham offers the best example of Pompadour hairstyle. He would tell you how to wear both classic and contemporary pompadour men hairstyles with grace.

David beckham pompadour haicut

David Beckham

johnny depp pompadour hairstyles

Johnny Depp

Styling pompadour of Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert

Bruno Mars Pompadour hair cut

Bruno Mars

Jon Kortajarena modern pompdour hairstyle

Jon Kortajarena

Miguel Pompadour haircut


messy pompadour of Zack efron

Zack Efron

How to Style Pompadour in 2014?

When you are going to style pompadour, you certainly have a few options to try for.

For getting a crisp and brilliant finish, you need to apply a wet styling cream after drying your hair with towel. You will get strong shine and chic hold. In this way, you are able to get a very attractive look.

modern pompadour hairstyles 2014

Another way to style this one of the robust 2014 men hairstyles is to sweep back the hair while they are wet and then apply a shine gel and set your hair. You must be careful while taking the gel. You need to apply a small amount in the beginning. Sometimes,men get heavy amount and when they apply it on slick back hair then they got greasy hair look instead of sexy one. Start with a small amount,brush your hair,look into the mirror and ask whether you need more or not.

high top pompadour hairstyle for men

The people who want more volume can blow dry their hair. Use a vent brush and move the hair into a direction you like the most. You can use finishing product to create some heavy texture, if you want to.

Pompadour 2014 hairstyles for men

Although modern Pompadour seems to be the best one, but you can also go for classic version of it. You are free to choose any of both 2014 men hairstyles depending on your own preference, personality and profession.

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