Man bun Trend is back,Get ideas for hairstyling

man bun in 2014

Trend of man bun is getting popularity among guys. Though this hairstyle looks weird and feminine type yet more and more guys are turning toward it. The blame of this kind of hairstyle can be put on celebrities who appear in mega award events with hair bun instead of some formal haircut. Actually, man hair bun is a kind of hairstyle through which a person like to tell the world “I’m what I’m” In another words, he wants to say that he doesn’t care about the fashion, place or event, he only cares about his own choice and interest. I think this attitude message is also a contributing factor in rising success of man hair bun.

man bun in 2014

Simple steps for Getting man hair bun

In case you also want to become a part of queue following men bun hairstyle then you must have an idea how to get this style. There is only a need to follow four simple steps.

Step No.1 Prepare your hair for styling. You need to properly wash your hair and then you use leave-in conditioner, if you love to get a waxy finish.

Step No.2 Brush your hair quite well and then gather your hair back and up with your fingers. Actually, your task is to get a cute ballerina bun.

Step No.3 Twist the hair with your hand power and then roll it in a circle right at the crown.

Step No.4 You need to wrap a black plastic around the bun for securing this hairstyle. Don’t forget to use hair spray at the end. Spray will offer man bun a clean and clear look.

man bun hairstyle

Celebrities Hair Bun is a True Inspiration 

Trend of man hair bun is back in 2014 since Alex Ebert and Jared Leto appeared in Golden Globes awards 2014 with messy hair bun. It is not the first time that celebrities wore bun before it we saw Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, and Chris Hemsworth. Even we saw a flood rising trend of hair bun in teens and twenty plus men who were true followers of Harry Styles’ hairstyles.  Actually, Harry grabbed attention of many people through his hair bun and his fans start following him.

Jared Leto Hair bun

Jared Leto

alex ebert high bun hairstyle

Alex Ebert

chris hemsworth hairbun

Chris Hemsworth

joaquin phoenix bun hairstyle

Joaquin Phoenix

Leonardo Dicaprio bun

Leonardo DiCaprio


It is a fact that guys take inspiration of hairstyle mostly from the celebrities. They always look what their favorite celebrity is doing with his hairdo and then copycat it. A proof of this inspiration would be provided by a barber who would like to tell you the real story. Guys approach barber and then mention name of their favorite celebrities and ask barber to give them an identical haircut as worn by that particular celebrities. Some fans are blind followers and they never think whether this hairstyle would suit them or not. They get it anyway. However, other fans are rational. They make a few changes in hairstyle but definitely copy the main cut or style.

man bun bradley cooper

Bradley Cooper

harry styles bun hairstyle

david beckham blonde bun

David Beckham

Ornaldo Bloom bun hairstyle

Ornaldo Bloom

channing tatum hair bun

Channing Tatum

Ideas For Man hair bun styling

Though man bun hairstyle looks somehow bizarre but many guys have started following this hairstyle. Sometimes men appear with sleek and formal kind of hair bun while other times they like to opt for messy hair bun. Another variation of men bun is one where men make a top bun of front hair strands while leaving the rest of hair open. This is a common variation and suits normally to teenagers. Harry styles often appear with this specific kind of hairstyle.

man bun hairstyle

man top hair bun

When it comes to finishing of man hair updo hairstyle then you need to surely rely on hair spray, serums and creams. If you are going to attend a special party then you would like to get shiny and waxy texture of your bun. For this purpose, you need to go for intense conditioner or styling creams. The guys who pick messy bun as a hairstyle normally avoid using hair spray because they want to get a super chaotic look. They let the hair strand move around.

trendy man bun

high man bun

popular man bun hairstyle

I would like to get your comment on this latest man bun fashion trend. Would you like to try this hairstyle?


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