How to make Stylish Double Side Lace Braid for little Girls?

little girl lace braid guide

Looking for stylish and unique braids for little girls? I would suggest you to must try lace braid. This braid looks very elegant and eye-catching.No body can stop himself from praising a little girl who secure her hair in this special braid. When you look at this braid first time then you think that it would be difficult for you to copycat it. However, it is not right. Though it looks complex or difficult yet it is not. Today, I would like to guide you how to make stylish double side lace braid for your little sweetheart.

little girl lace braid guideHow to Make Astonishing Double Side Lace Braid for little girls?

When you look at the picture then you think that it would be difficult to get this braid. However, it is not really hard.You only need to follow 12 easy and simple steps for getting a perfect double  lace braid.

Step No.1 and 2

Prepare hair for braiding. Your sweetie must shampoo and conditioner her hair before you begin with this braiding hairstyle. Once hair gets dry then you can start making a lace braid. You first need to brush her hair, make sure no knot is there to affect your braiding process. Divide hair into two equal portions. Start with one side portion. Your task is to take three strands of hair from very right side and then to make a simple three strand English braid.

ladder braid for little girls


Step No. 3 and 4

As soon as you have completed one single braid stitch then you need to pick up a small strand from the left most side of hair. Now you need to add this hair into your simple braid. Once you have added this left strand into the braid then you make another braid stitch. As soon as another stitch gets completed you have to add another strand from the left side of hair. You need to continue this process until no hair left in the left side. In this way, you would be able to make one side lace braid. Secure this braid with a ponytail.

little girls lace braids

Step No. 5 and 6

Pick this braid and fix it in the middle of head near to down to vertex through a bobby pin. Make another side lace braid by following the steps from 1-4. In this way you would be able to get double  braid for little girls.

lace braided hairstyle for girls

 Step No. 7 and 8

Grab a thin strand of hairs from middle section of your head and start making a tight simple English braid of three hair strands.

girls lace braided hairstyle

Step No.9 and 10

Once you have made a complete simple three strand braid then you need to pull one strand out of three and you would be able to get a cute and stylish spiral braid.Secure this braid with a pony.


kids ladder braided hairstyle

Step No. 11 and 12

You need to combine all three braids in the mid portion of your head and then use a bobby pin to attach one side of braid with another; in the same way as shown in the picture. Now you can decorate this cute and stylish double braid hairstyle for little girl with tons of hair accessories. I suggest you to go for small colorful flowers. A good idea is to adore this stylish braid with hair bands of multicolor. You can match hair accessories color with her outfit.


ladder braid for little girlsI’m sure it would be fun for you to make this double side lace braid for little girls. This braid won’t take much time but once it completes you would surprise to see how beautiful it looks. Your little sweet darling will surely feel great pleasure when she look this braid in the mirror. She won’t mind kissing you. This braid is quite simple and easy to make. There is only a need of full attention and a little hard work. You can also try this braid on your sweetie birthday party. Don’t forget to tell me how you feel after making this lace braid for your little girl.

Happy Lace Braiding !!!

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