Make a Statement with Black Smoky Eye Makeup

smokey black makeup for girls

The girls who love to celebrate some special party at night usually give a due preference to black smoky eye makeup since they can stand out from the crowd through this makeup. In addition, this makeup offers them a super cool look that can’t be achieved with soft eyeshades. It’s not really hard to get pure black smoky eyes, there is only a need of good practice. There is no need to always approach a makeup artist for getting stunning black smoky eyes. You can surely get the perfect look own your own. Do you want to know how to get super smoky eyes? If yes then here are 11 steps that let you have the most desirable black eye makeup.

black smoky eyes makeup

Step No.1 End your other makeup first

Your task is to pay your full attention to eyes makeup, so it is better for you to complete your other face makeup first. Make your face base, apply lipstick and blush on. However, there is no need to apply concealer under eyes since eyeshadow may fallouts. You need to apply concealer when you are going to start your eye makeup.

dark black smoky eyes

Step No.2 Make eye Base

Your task is to choose a very good base for eyeshadow. Don’t use liquid base as it might make blending of eyeshadow quite difficult for you. You eye primer should be oil-free, if you want to get the good results. When you use foundation, you must give it some time, so it gets dried. If you have neat base then surely you would be able to get a very clear and fine black smoky eye makeup.

girls black smoky eyes

Step No.3 Apply a neutral base shade

Your task is to apply a very neutral color base eyeshadow on your upper and lower eye lid. It is better to choose base shade that doesn’t have glitter. The best one would be  shade with glimmer that will blend well.

black smoky eye makeup for girls

Step No.4 Line your eyes

Take a black eye pencil and start lining upper lid and lower lash line. You should try to draw this line in such a way that it is near to lashline.

black smoky makeup for eyes

Step No.5 Give soft-effect to liner

Take a small eyeshadow brush and then lightly move it over the liner just to soften its effects. You need to do it with a light hand, otherwise you might spoil its real effect.

black smoky eyes makeup

Step No.6 Pick your favorite Shade

You need to choose one general shadow for getting a startling eye makeup. For example,you can pink brown, maroon, or grey. You need to apply this eyeshadow on your eyelid area very gently. You can apply this shade either with an applicator or an eyeshadow under your brow bone. Your task is to apply eyeshades in such a way that basic effect is similar to an oval when you close your eyes.

black smoky eyes with rhinestone

Step No.7 Start Sweeping

Once you done with general eyeshadow application,you need to use powder brush to start sweeping under your eyes. Your task is to get a clear and fine result. It won’t be possible if you don’t do finishing of general eye-shadow in a clean way. Once you have swept fall out particles of eye-shadow you can apply concealer and powder.

black eye smoky makeup

Step No.8 Apply black Shadow

Now your task is to start applying dark black eye shadow to bottom and the smudge it as much as you can. Your task is to grab a neat look, use an applicator or Q-tip. Try to choose pure black shadow, if you want to have a stunning black eye makeup.

smoky black eye makeup

Step No.9 Encircle Eye

It is indeed an important step, you need to take an eye-shadow that you picked in step No.6 and then start blending the eyeshdow into a circle around your eye area. You should also apply this shade under the eye. You must be careful while applying this eye, sometimes encircle eyes in such a way that they get zombie similar look. You don’t need to overdone encircling, try to get a soft effect.

girls black shade smoky eyes

Step No.10 Apply Double Coat Mascara

You must apply double coat of black mascara. There is no need to try with colored mascara since it might not offer you “perfect smoky” look. You can apply 2-3 coats depending on your desired thickness.

smokey black eyes

Step No.11 Final Finish

You need to look your eyes closely just to check your work. Try to sweep away fallout eyeshadow with a powder brush. Blend eyeshadow again, if it doesn’t offer you a cool look. Final finishing should be given by blending the eyeshades and highlighting the liner line.

black smoky makeup for eyes


I’m sure that you would be able to get perfect smoky eyes , if you follow these steps in an exact way.

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black grey makeup for eyesgirls black eyes smokey black makeup for girls


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