Make Cow Face: Easy nail art for kids Step-by-Step

step by step easy nail art for kids

Kids always love to draw animal face on paper. Today, I decided to give them a very interesting task. Now little girls are able to make cow face on their nails. It wouldn’t be hard to make a face on nail. There is only a need to follow some simple steps. In simple words, it is an easy nail art design for them.

step by step nail art for kids

How to make cow face on nail?

You must have following things before you start making a cow face nail art design.

  • Nail polish: White, black, pink and shocking pink
  • Nail art dotter
  • Nail art brush set

Here are seven simple steps you need to follow for getting this simple nail art design.

Step No.1

Apply white nail polish on one nail.

Step No.2

Apply baby pink nail polish at half part of this white nail.

Step No.3

Make nose of cow at the tip of your nail with shocking pink nail polish.

Step No.4

Draw ears of cow with shocking pink nail polish. It is advisable to use nail art brush instead of main brush of nail polish. It would be hard for you to draw the nose or ears clearly with standard nail polish brush.

Step No.5

Dip a round thin nail art brush in black nail polish and make eyes of cow face. You also need to make tiny double nostrils with black nail polish over nose of cow.

Step No.6

As face of cow is ready, so your task is to proceed with this nail art design. You need to apply transparent pink shade nail polish on remaining nails.

Step no. 7

Make the polka dots with shocking pink nail polish. Dotter is a special nail art tool that you can use for making perfect polka dots on each nail. These dots resemble with the body marks of cow. In this way, you would be able to get your easy and simple cow face and body nails art design.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult for creative little girls to imitate this simple and easy nail art design of cow face. Go and get it now. Don’t forget to check some cool ideas of animal nail art designs.

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