Look Casually Chic with Easy Side Braid hairstyles

easy side braid hairstyle

Do you need the best party hairstyle? I think you should opt for some easy side braid hairstyles. Braided hair always looks great. However, you don’t need to opt for very tight kind of braid especially when you have to attend a casual party. Loose braid looks not only casual but also give an impression of “lively girl” to others. Today, I would like to guide you how to look casually chic and trendy with side braid hairstyle.

simple and easy side braid hair

Simple side braid hairstyle

No matter you have ombre or blonde hair, simple side braid would definitely enhance your hair look. Simple English or three strand braid is very easy to make, you don’t have to out a lot effort on it. You are able to make a combo of simple braid with other hairstyles.Normally, girls love to w3ear curly or wavy hair with three strand side braid hairstyles. However, an exceptional hairstyle is making a great combo of fishtail ponytail with simple side braided hair.

simple braid hairsyle with fishtail

side braid and wavy hairstylesside braid and curly hairstyles

Side French Braid hairstyles

It is one of the traditional easy side braid hairstyles, but it always looks magical. You can wear this hairstyle in many different ways. For example, if you have a plan to attend some semi-formal party then you should combine side French braid along with an updo. Messy updo looks great and usually don’t take your much time for setting.

easy double side braid hairdouble side braid hairstyles
side braid hairstyle witgh a messy updo

easy side braid hairstyle

wavy hairstyle with braid

Waterfall side braid hairstyle

When you need a little romantic touch into your hairstyle then you should opt for waterfall braided hair. People think that it is very hard to make a waterfall while it is a latest version of French braid. You have to follow only a few things. Generally, girls don’t like to make a ponytail or updo with a waterfall because grace of this hairstyle lies upon the falling hair strands.

side waterfall braid hairstyle

easy side braid hairside waterfall braid

There are tons of ways to wear easy side braid hairstyles. You must keep in mind that wavy hair always looks great with the braid. However, you may combine this hairstyle with a sleek or messy updo when you want to make a big change into your appearance. Some girls like to accentuate side braid hairstyle with some colorful pins or headbands, if you follow the same route then you will grab an aesthetic look.

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