Look Bold with Colorful Bob hairstyles 2014

trendy brown and shockig bob cut

Looking for a really bold haircut? Can you carry any style without hesitation? It is suggested to give a try to colorful bold hairstyle 2014.Interestingly, you are in a position to find a wide variety of colored bob cut. This hairstyle suits to every girl’s face shape. A girl is able to dye this bob cut into her favorite style. Normally, girls prefer blue and pink vibrant colors but fact is that you have tons of color schemes to try for. Although this haircut looks good when a girl has one shade yet its style enhances to a great extent when you use different bright colors. Here are some exciting ideas of colorful bob hairstyles 2014. Let’s start digging…

assymetrical colored bob cut

Black Graduated bob with purple edges

There are some hairstyles that define your face cut in the real way and graduated bob hairstyle with purple sharp edges is the best example. The bangs make a sharp edgy circle around your face. The fringe of this haircut should be quite sharp.

black and purple edgy angular bob

Sleek Plum Bob hairstyle

The girls who want to look really cool all the time must go for sleek and straight pink and plum bob hairstyle. This haircut will be suitable for those girls who have thin hair texture and straight sleek hair. Although girls having coiled curly hair can try this haircut yet they need to put some time on turning their bob straight through a straightener daily.

bob haircut 2014

Green and Yellow Hi-low bob hairstyle

No doubt, it is among the less common kinds of bob cut. One side of hair is kept long then other just giving a catchy hi-low bob look. Symmetry of both sides are same but one side should be longer than other for getting a perfect aesthetic appeal.

green and yellow assymetrical bob

Side Parted hairstyles

This hairstyles is quite suitable for girls with long or rectangular face shape. One side of this bob cut covers half of your face while second sides resides is kept behind ear. When it comes to color combination then you would varied choices. Normally, front side of bob that covers face is died into multiple colors while rest of hair tone is blonde or any other light shade.

blonde yellow and shocking pink bob

Brown and Plum razor cut bob

It is an uncommon bob cut and girls who want to look really different must go for it. Get this asymmetrical bob cut and dye your hair in brown and plum colors. Don’t forget to give light plum color highlights into your front fringe.

trendy brown and shockig bob cut

Black and Plum Sleek Angled Bob

We often observe that models wear angled bob cut on runway as they want to looks super hot while doing catwalk. So, why don’t you copycat their bob hairstyle? You don’t need to copy them blindly. Be a smart follower always, dye your hair with different colors and look simply different. As you can see in image, this bob cut has specific angles. Back of this haircut is simply like a short bob cut but front side has a long bob cut. Long front cut isn’t straight but it is similar to sharp bangs.


black and plum irregular bob

Red and plum Layered Bob Cut

Layered bob cut remains in trend, no matter in which era we are living. However, you can give a nice variation to this ever-green hairstyle through vibrant color dye. Plum is very dark shade and it doesn’t suit to every complexion. Therefore,it is advisable to get suggestion from your friend or hair stylist, before you apply this color. Plum and red bob cut suits to girls with very fair complexion, but still we have some exceptions.

plum bob cut

Punk hairstyles

Punk hairstyle is often wear by those girls who want to portray them as “cool gals”. Punk of colorful bob hairstyle is simply a fantastic variation. Girls can get sharp bangs frame around their face while sharp punks of top beefed up their overall appearance.


punk and bob colorful hairstyle

Pink and Blue Asymmetrical bob cut

It can be categorized under funky colorful bob 2014. You must be very careful while giving a try to asymmetrical bob cut since your face shape might turn bad sometime. It is better to get honest suggestion from your hairstylist before you give a try to such a bold hairstyle of 2014.

blue and pink funky bob hairstyle

One side Blue and Turquoise Angular Bob

The girls who are looking for something really unusual must give a try to this haircut. One-sided bob hairstyle is quite uncommon among girls but seriously it gives you a real funky look. As you can see in the picture, one side bob hair strand length is increasing from front to back, there is a particular angle that defines this haircut.

colorfu turquoise and blue bob hairstyle

Light Blue and Blonde Feather Bob

Only an expert hairstylist can offer you this hairstyle, this job can’t be done by an inexperienced style maker. This bob cum feather look can be achieved normally through razor cut. However, some professionals are able to offer the same look with scissor. Blonde and light blue colors add an x-factor to this haircut.

ash gold and blue bob hairstyle

Brown and Red Bob with Bangs

Longing to adopt one of the best colorful bob hairstyles 2014? You need to give a try to this haircut since it offers you a look that you always want. Girls who can wear bold haircut love to try it. It’s advisable to go with your own color combination, if you want to personalized this haircut to some extent.


brown and red funky bob hairstyle


Fire Red and Black Graduated Bob and Fringe

It is among the most chic hairstyles of 2014. What make this haircut unique is that it has sharped graduated bob cut edges but what is the most impressive thing is its graduated fringe, which is uncommon.

red and black graduated bob and fringe

Triple Color Bob hairstyle 2014

You can call it a sophisticated bob haircut, normally you see this bob cut in an action movie where an agent appears with this haircut. If you admire agent and like to imitate their look then you can surely give it a try. You need to apply triple colors in the same pattern as portrayed in the picture.Fringe must have a vibrant color while you can go for dark brown on one side while dying other side with dark plum.

triple color bob hairstyleBlonde and Blue Curly hairstyle

In case you want to add a cuteness factor to colorful bob  2014 then it would be possible through messy curls. Get a simple bob cut, dye your hair into multiple colors, curl your strands and then mess them up.

blue and blonde curly bob haircutI’m sure, you will enjoy a boost in your self-confidence when you wear any of these bold colorful bob hairstyles of 2014.

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