Let’s try Soft Velvet Nail art Designs

velvet red nail art

Creative girls don’t like to remain free. They are always looking for something new and unique. Today,I decided to bring a new and exciting task for them. So, I’m her with velvet manicure. As you all know I already told you how to do caviar manicure but some girls may hesitate to try it because of its edgy or hard look. So, if you need really soft touch of nail art then definitely velvet manicure would be perfect for you.

purple velvet nail art

How to get Velvet nail art design?

When I first look at velvet design nails then I though that it would be hard to get such design. However, I got surprised when I knew how quickly a girl could get this stunning nail art.

soft pink velvet nail art nail art

Things you need:

  • Nail polish of your favorite color
  • Base coat
  • Flocking powder color should match with your nail polish color

Steps you need to follow:

  1. First of all, apply a thin base coat.
  2. Apply thick coat of your favorite color nail polish.
  3. When your nail polish is semi-wet then you need to sprinkle the flocking powder over it.
  4. Press down on finger on your nail just to make sure that flocking powder adheres.
  5. Tap off excess powder and get your lovely velvet nail art design.

maroon red velvet  art

velvet white nail art

Tips you need to keep in mind

  • When you are going to sprinkle the flocking powder over entire nail, you should keep one piece of paper below your finger. Excess powder will drop in the paper and you can use it later on.
  • There is no need to apply a finishing coat, otherwise you won’t be able to get your desirable textured look.
  • Sometimes flocking powder sticks together. In this case you need to pour it out on your palm and roll it between your fingers just to break down its chunks.
  • Always sprinkle the powder on semi-wet nail polish. If you sprinkle it over dry nail polish then it will never adhere with the polish.

blue velvet manicuregreen velvet manicure


turquoise velvet art designs for nails

Try Soft design nails at Special Parties

Velvet nails are among the texture nail designs. They offer elegant and graceful look to your nails. It is a fact that caviar manicure offers bold look to the girls while soft appearance can be attained with velvety nails. Girls can surely opt for this kind of nail art on their prom parties or birthday parties. Red velvet design nails would surely compliment a lot to red prom dress.

velvet red nail art

pink soft velvet nail art designs

Velvet manicure is also suitable for birthday party of your friends. Girl who will get this design would surely get a magnetic look. Every friend will be interested to know how she has got this fantastic nail designing.

white  nail art

Best of all, it’s not very hard to get velvet  nail idea  . You only need to spend a few minutes and you will be ready with a graceful textured nail look. Must try these nail art designs and don’t forget to share your comments with me.

dark green velvet manicure

Some Unique Ideas of Velvet Nails

In case you are ready to do a little extra creative work then I would like to give you some cool ideas. These ideas take your extra time but you will be able to get new look.

light purple velvet nail art

Multicolor Velvety Nails

Instead of applying same color nail polish on all nails. You can surely opt for multicolor variations. You can pick five different shades for your five nails.

multicolor velvet design

 Half Blue, Half Green Velvet art for nails

Another good idea that you would love to try is to divide each nail into two portions and then fill each portion with a nail polish of your choice. This idea is quite simple and easy to apply.

green and blue nail artPink and Black Velvety art for nails

Combination of pink and black velvety nail is indeed fantastic. Your task is to create three black and two pink velvet design nail. This design won’t take much time.

.pink and black  nail art

Triple Shade Creative 

In case you love to do creativity then you would like to try this design that is a little tricky. You need to make three different portion of every nail and then to fill each portion with a specific color. There are two main portions: white and light brown. Third portion is smallest of all and you need to fill it with chocolate color nail polish only; no need to sprinkle flocking powder on choco color.

triple shade velvet artRed and White idea

In order to get this design. You need to follow the exact angle and division as shown in the picture. You need to use black and white nail polish and flocking powders. Apply golden glitter on your nails once you done with creating white and red nails.

red and white  nailsAmazing Blue nail art designs

This design surely requires your time. You need to apply blue nail polish on four nails and then to start creating amazing designs. Sprinkle flocking powder over one nail and get velvety look. Now you need to apply white nail polish on one nail and then to sprinkle blue flocking powder over it in a way that you make four lines and each line has a distance.

blue velvet nail art designs

Go and give a try to velvet manicure. It would be great fun for you.


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