Let’s Make Classy Waterfall Braid for Little Girls

waterfall braided hair for girls

Cute little girls always like to wear new and trendy hairstyles and thus their sweet moms love to stumble upon the web. Today, I decided to lend my hand to sweet mothers who spend a lot of time with their little girls just to make them happy. I am here to guide mothers how to make classy Waterfall braids for little girls. No doubt, cascading waterfall is amongst the most chic hairstyles for teenagers. This hairstyle enhances cute little girls’ face charm factor and make them look more beautiful than before.

waterfall braided hair for little girls

It is a fact that when you look at waterfall braid then you think that it is indeed hard to make one by yourself. Though it seems complex yet it’s not. It is a classy version of French braid that anyone can make with a little practice and attention. Anyone who can make a French braid within a few minutes can surely create this complex looking waterfall braid for little girls.

waterfall braiding for little girlslittle girls braided waterfall

How to make waterfall braid?

Here are some basic steps that you need to follow for this braid hairstyle.

Step No.1 Prepare hair for braiding

No matter what kind of braid you are going to make, you need to prepare hair first. You first need to wash your little girl hair and then to apply conditioner over it. Use a towel and remove excess water. You are able to get fine look only when you don’t fully dry hair. Now take a wide tooth brush and start brushing her hair from top to down nape. You need to make sure that no knot remains in hair. You won’t be able to get clear look, if there is any knot. Apply shine serum and fully brush her hair.

sleek and smooth waterfall braid for little girlsteenager waterfall braids

Step No.2 Section off hair

Part hair in the middle and start section offing the hair through a wide tooth comb. You need to section off hair from top of forehead and part. Take one section of strands and divide it into three parts as we generally do whenever we need to make a simple braid. You need to keep in mind that braid will be gone diagonally around one side of the head instead of straight back down center of head, which normally happens in simple braiding.

waterfall braided hair for cute girlslittle girls waterfall braids

Step No.3 Start Braiding

You must have an idea how to make French braid before you start making waterfall hair for little girls. Keep in mind that section 1 is hair strand that is close to middle of head, section 2 is middle hair strand  and section 3 is a part close to your little girl’s face. Start making a French braid by pulling section 1 over section 2 and then pulling section 3 across section 2. Continue braiding.

double waterfall braids for kids waterfall braided hair for girls

Step No.4 Get Waterfall look

When you reach close to last part of your first braid section then you need to drop down the last strand of hair i.e. section 3. This will give a look that hair is cascading from the braid.

kids curly waterfall braiding idea

Step No.5 Pick a new Piece

Now pick a new hair strand piece that is next to hair strand that you have dropped in step No.4. This new hair strand will work as a replacement to dropped strand. Now take new piece, fold the new piece over section 2 and start making French braid again. Drop last strand as you did before and then continue doing the same until you have cover the head with this braid.

waterfall hairstyles for little girlskids double waterfall hairstyle

Step No.6 Secure Braid

Now you need to use bobby pins for securing waterfall hair in such a way that it doesn’t get loose. Keep bobby pins handy close to you. So, you are done with waterfall hairstyle for little girls.

cute girls waterfall hairstyle kids curly waterfall hairstyle

I’m sure that when you will follow these 6 basic steps then it won’t be hard for you to make a nice-looking waterfall braid for little girls. You can surely decorate the braid with tiny hair accessories such as hair bows or hair flowers, if you want or when your little girls is going to be ready for some special occasion.

Happy Waterfall Braiding !!

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