King of All Beasts : Tiger Tattoos Designs and Meanings

serbian tiger tattoos

The people who consider themselves brave and want to demonstrate their power often opt for tiger tattoo designs. This specific animal tattoo is equally famous among boys and girls. Both like to drop this power ink on their body. They get such tattoos on different parts of the body but the most common areas where people place a tiger tattoo are wrist, upper/lower back, shoulder, hand, arm, leg, etc. Some girls like to get small tiger tattoos on wrist, hand and fingers because such tats look very cute at these body areas.

full nack tiger tattoo for women

Tiger Tattoos Meanings

If you are also interested in tiger tattoo and want to know what exactly the meanings of tiger tattoos then have a look at its meanings:

  • Power
  • Energy
  • Royalty
  • Protection
  • Generiosity
  • Illumination
  • Unpredictability

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China and Tiger Tattoos

Tiger tattoo designs are quite popular in China. It is good to know that Chinese people called Tiger as “king of all beasts”. Tiger represents powerful energy. Tiger has a close connection with Tsai Shen Yeh, the Chinese God of Wealth who sit usually on tiger. So, people who want to grab wealth into their lives, usually opt for tiger tattoos. In Asian culture, tiger symbolizes as the protector of the dead. Their signs are often see in the graves just to make sure that they bring peace for those who have passed away.

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Tigers are also termed as a “Yang Energy” in China and also a Solar Animal, which has a close connection with summer, fire and sun. According to ancient Chinese myth, five tigers hold the balance of cosmic forces into their right place and they prevent chaos from collapsing into the universe.

Asian Tiger Meanings

In Asia, people get different colored tiger tattoos. Let’s unlock meanings of these tigers.

White Tiger: It is considered as the ruler of the Fall season and represents governor of the Metal elements.

white tiger tattoos

Black Tiger: It is regarded as ruler of Winter season and governor of the Water elements.

black tiger tattoos back men

Blue Tiger : It is ruler of the Spring season and governor of the Earth elements.

blue tiger tattoo design

Red tiger: It is ruler of the Summer Season and governor of the Fire elements.

red tiger tat for men

Yellow Tiger: It is the supereme rulers of all these tigers and symbolizes the sun.

bengal tiger tattoo design full back

So, if you are getting a Chinese color tiger tattoo design then you must know what exactly its meanings are. You can represent seasons and cycles of Mother nature with five different color tiger tattoos. However, when you get a simple tiger tattoo then it means you want wealth in your life. Tiger power and energy will make it easy for you to accumulate more wealth in your life.

Tiger Tattoos and Fashion Art

It is good to know that some girls and guys like to go for tiger tattoos only because they consider it very chic and fashionable. The beautiful black stripes and patterns of tiger body are quite attractive and fashion-forward. Normally, people think lion is king of jungle but in reality king is tiger. Tigers are endangered species because they are becoming extinct day by day due to popularity of tiger fur coats in fashion world.

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Bengal and Siberian Tigers

If you are looking for some beautiful tiger tattoo designs then you can opt for either Bengal tigers tattoo or Siberian tiger tats. An orange tiger with black stripes is Bengal tiger while a white tiger with black stripes is Siberian tiger. Tigers are perfect hunters, they hunt and ambush his prey without any flaw. Therefore, humans who are going to visit a jungle having tigers should be on a constant alert all the time.

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serbian tiger tattoos

Tiger Tattoos and Japan

Tiger is also very important animal for the Japan. You can know his value from the fact that Japanese Samurai would have a tiger emblem placed on their crest. In Japan, people make a combination of dragon and tiger tattoo.

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Tiger Tattoo for Tiger’s Support

Tigers are listed in endangered species list. Therefore, the people who support tiger also opt for tiger tattoos. There are many groups around the world which members show their respect and love to this animal with latest tiger tattoo designs. At present, there are only a few thousands of tiger left in the whole world since people are hunting them for their fur coats.

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Two Main Meanings of Tiger Tattoos

There are many meanings associated with tiger tattoos but two common meanings are strength and power. It is good to know that tiger is the top predator who stands up in the food chain. In jungle environment, he doesn’t fearful of other animals unless. Tiger is very powerful, so guys get tiger tattoos ink on body for representing their power and supremacy. Girls usually get it for pouring power energy into their soul and body.

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Negative meaning of Tiger Tattoo

Normally, a tiger tattoo has positive meaning but it also depicts some negative meanings such as danger, punishment, vengeance, darkness with a person, etc. So, you also have to keep in mind both positive and negative meanings of tiger tattoos before you decide a design for yourself.

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Different kinds of Tiger tattoos

Tattoo artists create tiger tattoo designs in many different ways. Sometimes, they create tiger with very peaceful and calm expression and other times they give tiger a fierce look on the face. Some other things can also be added in tiger tattoo designs such as water, plants, flower, trees, etc. Some men like to get entire tiger body tattoo while others just limit to tiger tattoo face. Girls like to represent soft side of tiger with baby tiger tattoos.

tiger eyes tatoo designtiger roar tatoo designorange tiger tattoo for men

Finally, you have explored different meanings and ideas of tiger tattoo designs. Now it will be very simple for you to pick one tattoo to represent your favorite meaning.

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