Holy Christmas and Berry Easy Nail art Tutorial

Christmas is coming soon and so it is indeed good for girls to start planning for their Christmas party dress, makeup and manicure. Generally, girls like to be very creative in their nail art designing. They want to try a very unique idea. Today, I’m going to unlock very amazing yet easy nail art design i.e. Holly Christmas and Berry. You would love to try it at home.

christmas berry and holy nail

Things you need for Christmas nail art:

You must have following things before you try this easy nail art idea on Christmas.

  • UV Lamp
  • Gel nail polish
  • Red nail polish
  • Green and Gold Pigment colors
  • Nail art pen
  • Creative white paint
  • Red paint
  • Gold Acrylic paint

Holy Christmas and Berry Easy nail art Tutorial

You have to follow four simple steps for making this wonderful Christmas nail art design.

Step No.1

Apply gel nail polish on your nail. Fill the tip of your nail with vibrant red under a UV lamp.

Step No.2

Use your eye makeup brush and polish the tips of your nail with pigment colors. You should use Gold, Gecko green and green primary pigments.


Step No.3

Apply top coat sealer and then cure under a UV lamp. You need to gently remove the shine from the nail surface. Do a little surface buffing.

Step No.4

Take nail pen. Dip it into white paint and draw an outline of holly. You should make clear and organic shapes.


Step No.5

You need to use the gold acrylic paint for filling the center of holy.

Step No.6

Dip the tip of nail pen into red paint and then create cute little red berries. At this point, you need to use top coat for sealing the good finish of your Chritmas Holly and Berry easy nail art design.


I’m sure you would like to do work on this amazing easy nail art design on Christmas. Try it and share your comments.

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