Have a look at Quick Christmas Tree Nail art Step-by-Step

christmas tree nail art design step by step

Christmas is just a few days away. It’s good for you to start thinking about an outfit that you are going to wear, a hairstyle that you would like to try and of course you have to put some attention toward nail art. If you are a lazy girl who needs a quick Christmas Tree nail art design then certainly you have hit the right place. I would like to share a very simple Christmas day manicure with you.

christmas tree nail art design step by step

Thing You’ll need

  • Base coat
  • Nail polish: Green, red, black and golden
  • Top coat
  • Nail art tool : Dotter, brush

Step by Step Quick Christmas Tree nail art

In order to try this Christmas manicure, you only have to follow 4 easy steps.

Step No.1 Apply base coat.

Step No.2 It’s time to use a nail art brush, so you can dry a triangle with dark green nail polish.

Step No.3 Pick nail art tool i.e. dotters. Fill one dotter into red nail polish and second dotter into yellow golden nail polish.

Step No.4 Now it’s time to decorate your Christmas tree with berries. You have to use red dotter first to make cute little berries. Decorate top of tree with the mean of gold polish dotter. You also have to use a nail art brush and make black outline around red berries.Let the nail polish dry and apply top coat, that would seal the look.

It’s indeed one of the best Christmas nail art designs. This step-by-step guide makes it easy for you to get an attractive nail art for this auspicious eve.


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