Gucci Loafer 2014 with Horsebit details for toddlers

gucci loafer 2014 for toddlers

Gucci always tries to bring fantastic designs loafers for every age group. If your browse holiday collection of Gucci shoes 2014 then you can find Gucci toddler horsebit loafer.These are among the best Gucci loafer in 2014. Designers create a very new and unique style for holiday season. Toddler should look beautiful and charming and it would be possible when they wear designer loafer by Gucci.

There are 3 main varieties of Gucci Loafer for toddlers in 2014. Though the designs varied but all loafer shoes of Gucci for toddlers have some common features. They come with horsebit details, hypoallergic palladium finish hardware, leather sole with anti-slip rubber application, and elasticized back.

gucci loafer 2014 for toddlers

Silver Metallic Leather Horsbit Loafer

This loafer shoe is simply very amazing. It can be named as party shoes for toddlers. Price of Silver metallic shine horsebit loafer of Toddler is $340.

silver metallic shine toddler shoes gucci 2014silver metallic todderl shoes gucci

Yellow Python Horsebit Loafer

If you need a really different yet amazing design of Gucci loafer 2014 then you should look at Toddlers yellow python Horsebit loafer.As its design is different, so it is more expensive than other two varities. The price of Gucci yellow python horsebit loafer is $575.


gucci python leather loafer 2014

Gucci Loafer Suede Horsebit

Gucci loafer 2014 collection also includes Suede horsebit loafer. They come in two shades pink and yellow. You can buy any color of your choices only for $340.

gucci yellow suede loafer shoes toddlergucci suede yellow toddler shoes

So, moms what are you waiting for? If you need designer Gucci loafers 2014 then you shouldn’t wait anymore as collection has been hit the market.

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