Grab Ideas of Fruit Nail Art Designs

nail art water melon theme

Fruit is an important part of our healthy and balance. The people who always want to know how to get glowing skin should increase intake of fruit in their lives and they would be able to get amazing results in a few weeks. Fruits keeps you healthy and provide you essential vitamins. Today, I’m not going to give you a lecturer on benefits of fruit but my intention is to provide some impressive ideas of fruit nail art designs to creative girls. So, girls bring your nail art designing box near to you and have a close look at these ideas.

fruit nail art designs for girls

Apple Nail art Designs

It is said that if you want to keep yourself away from doctor then you need to eat one apple a day. It is proved by doctors many times. So, let’s start with healthy apple nail art design. What is the most important thing in the apple nail design is to make the shape of apple. You can make a a rough sketch on paper for your nail art first and then start drawing apple on either your tips or middle part of nails. You need to pick dark red color when it comes to filling of apple blueprint.

Apple nail art

apple nail art design

apple nail art idea


Water Melon Nail art Designs

Water melon is a juicy fruit that has many skin benefits. You can restore your lost skin glow through water melon juice. It also reduce your acidity problems, some how. Women and kids love to drink water melon juice in the morning. When it comes to nail art designing with water melon theme, you need to have dark red nail polish handy. Apply either shocking pink or dark red nail polish on every nails. Apply dark green nail polish coat on the tip and then makes dots through black nail polish. I think it is one of the easiest ideas of fruit nails for you. Any girl can give it a shot.

idea of water melon nail art

idea of water melon nailswater melon nail art designs

nail art water melon theme

long nails with water melon design

Strawberry nail art

We love to drink strawberry juice and milk shake in the morning or at night. Strawberry facials provide long lasting glow to face. There are numerous benefits of this tiny heart shape fruit. Making a strawberry nail art isn’t hard. You have wide variety of designs to try for. In first picture, you can see that how to turn your nail into strawberry by using pink, red and off-white nail polish. You need to make leaf of strawberry through off-white nail polish on the base of nail and then to make the rest of strawberry either with pink or red nail polish. Don’t forget to make tiny polka dot with a match stick, dipped into black nail polish, on your nails. Actually, beauty of strawberry nail art design is somehow dependent on these tiny dots.

strawberry cute nail art designs

strawberry cut nail art designs


strawberry nail art


Grapes Nail art

For creative girls, “Grapes are never sour”. They are in a position to make the grapes on their nail without any problem. They need to make good use of plum and green nail polish for making a cute bunch of delicious grapes on their nails. There are two main ideas of fruit nail art: make a bunch of grape on nails or turn your nails into grapes. Choice is completely yours. Both ideas are simple and easy to adopt but fact is that second ideas looks cuter and more impressive.

grape nail art idea

grapes nail art designs for girls

grapes nail art designs

Pineapple Nail Art

Kids love pineapple shake and juice. Women use it for dessert decor and men love to taste such dessert. So, girls ! it is advisable to give a try to pineapple nail art, either. Fact is that you need to be good in drawing whenever you are going to try an idea of this fruit nail art. Actually, it’s some how hard to make the rugged look of pineapple on your nails. Though its hard but not impossible to make this design as it is. Girls can make a rough sketch on a paper and then copycat it on their nails. No doubt, good practice is needed to copy any of these ideas of fruit nail art.

pineapple nail art

pineapple nail art

pineapple nail art

Kiwi Fruit Nail art

For making kiwi fruit nail art, you surely need light green and black nail polish. Good thing about this nail art design is that it is quite simple and easy. You don’t need to make any sketch. You can start the designing directly on your nails. Your task is to apply white base nail polish and then to start making the Kiwi fruit pattern on the nails.

kiwi nail art for girlskiwi nail art idea

nail art of kiwi

Banana Nail Art

You need to know how to draw banana on the nails before you try any of these ideas of fruit nail art. You surely need yellow nail polish for making the perfect banana art on your nails. Below, you can find many ideas to try for. Now it’s up to you to pick one that appeals you the most. I think the easiest design is to apply a base nail polish and then to create small banana via yellow nail polish. You need to make a dark outline of each banana through black nail polish. You can surely use a black nail marker for getting clear outline.

banana creative nail art

idea of banana nail artbanana nail art designs

banana nail art designs

Orange Nail Art

This citrus fruit has many benefits. It is a rich source of Vitamin C. Its pulp is quite beneficial for women. Kids love to drink its juice. Making an orange nail art design wouldn’t be hard for you. You can either get its complete pulpy design on your nails or simply makes its one piece on the base of your nail. Try any of below-given ideas of fruit nail art.

orange nail art designs for girls

nail art of orange fruit

Cherry Nail Art

Decoration of cake is simply incomplete without cherries. This tiny delicious fruit has many health benefits. It has rich taste. When it comes to creation of cherry nail art design, you don’t need to put much effort.

cherry nail art designs

cherry nail art design idea

Go and give a try to any of above-mentioned ideas of fruit nail art. It would be a fun!

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