How to Get Violet/Purple Smoky Eye Makeup?

smoky purple eye makeup

The girls who don’t want to try black smoky eye makeup definitely love to opt for Purple Smoky Eye Makeup. Adding some splash of colors into black eyeshadow surely beefed up overall look of your beautiful eyes. Good thing about violet smoky eye makeup is that it, you are going to use violet color that doesn’t require your much effort. As you know, it is hard to blend and smooth black shade while purple shade can be smudged effortlessly. Let’s see how you can get this perfect makeup.

smoky purple eye makeup

Step No.1 Apply Primer

You need to make the proper base of your eyelid. You need to place primer all the way up to brow line. You are free to use your foundation or concealer, if you want.

eyes makeup purple smokeyviolet smoky eyes

Step No.2 Highlighter Application

Pick the lightest purple shade of your eyeshadow kit and then start applying it on inside corner of your eyes, under your eyebrows and eye and above eye crease.

trendy purple smoky eyesgirls purple smoky eyes

Step No.3 Put Darkest Purple Color

You need to pick the darkest violet shade and then start sweeping it along the upper lash line. Once you have applied it , you need to start its blending upwards towards the crease. The shade should be darkest close to your lashes. Apply a little darkest purple shade near the outer edge of your lower lash line.

purple smokey eyes makeupviolet smoky eyes makeup

Step No.4 Add your Medium Purple Color

Now it’s time to pick a medium purple shade and start its application from halfway up your eyelid toward your crease. You need to apply this shade on that part of your eyelid where it joins darkest purple shade. Start blending eyeshadow beyond your crease. Main task is to blend this shade in such a way that it gets gradually lighter from your lashes to brow.

dark purple smoky eyesviolet smoky eye makeup

Step No.5 Proper Blending of Color

Pick a new soft eye brush and start the main task of color blending. You need to smudge colors in such a way that you get appearance of color blending upwards. Your lash line must have the darkest color while purple smoky eye makeup gets lighter from lashes to brow. If you notice that lash line is somehow lighter then you can add a little bit  darkest eye-shadow, just to get the real violet smoky look. Blend the color outwards, so all colors fades into your natural skin tone. Don’t forget the blending of color that you apply underneath the eyes.

violet smoky eye makeup

Step No.6 Apply Thick Eyeliner

It is a fact that only black thick eyeliner give perfect compliment to purple smoky eye makeup. You need to use a branded eyeliner pencil for drawing a thick line on your upper lash only. You are free to use either makeup brush or your fingertip for blurring the edges of eyeliner upwards. Although you can apply eyeliner on your lower-lash but it might offer your makeup extra dark look, which you never like. It is advisable to apply a thin line and then to blend it a bit.

violet smoky eyes makeup

girls violet eye makeup

Step No.7 Apply Mascara

You need to apply one or two coat of mascara on your upper and bottom lashes. There is no need to apply more than two coats since lumps or clumps on lashes spoil overall purple smoky eye makeup look.

dark purple smoky eyes purple eye makeup


Go and try sparkling violet smoky eye makeup, that is quite suitable for evening parties and functions.

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