Get Some Unique and Easy Christmas Nail Art

christmas character and nail art designs

Generally, when we think about Christmas nail art designs then we think about two colors , one is red and second is white. It is a fact that some girls want something different and unusual ; they keep creating some unique and easy Christmas nail art. In case you are fade up from red and white Christmas nail art then it’s time to try something new, refreshing and very stylish.

1. Sky blue and White Snowflakes and Candy Nail Art

You have wide variety of Christmas characters and things to get an inspiration for nail art. If you don’t like to create red and white nails then you should go for sky blue and white color. Make snow flakes, snowman, candy bar and Christmas tree with colors of your choice.

christmas candy and snowflake nail art2.Red,Yellow and Green Glittery Jingle Bells Nail art

You can make multicolor glittery nail art for Christmas party. Don’t forget to create a cute jingle bell on one nail.

gliterry christmas nail art3. Jade and Golden Snowflake Nail Art Designs
Look outside the box, start thinking about green and gold shade nail arts.  You can make white snowflakes near tips of your nail art.
Jade and Golden Christmas snowflakes4. Christmas Choco-Black Rudolph Nail Art

Rudolph is main character of Christmas and Santa Claus story. Instead of creating Christmas candy and Christmas tree, you can make simple and sleek Rudolph nail art designs.

Christmas Rudolph nail art designs5.Glittery Pink, Red and White Christmas Candy Nail Art

Apply pink glittery nail polish on each nails and make Christmas red and white candy stick at tip of nails.

Red white and glittery pink christmas candy nail art

I have mentioned 5 easy Christmas nail art design. These designs are quite simple and unique. Pick one and create it at your Christmas Eve.

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