Get Inspiration from Victoria Beckham 2014 Hairstyles

victoria beckham curly hairstyles 2014
Formal curly hairstyle

Victoria Beckham is indeed a fashion diva who knows how to win the heart of her fans through her heart-melting looks. She is ideal of many women, since she tells them how to manage the business and personal lives with ease and grace. She is a mother of 4 kids but she is also a successful fashion designer whose outfits have been selling in more than 20 countries. She has a plan to launch her brand in London this year. Though she remains quite busy but she never comprises on her looks. Whenever she comes out with family or friend, she always have something stylish to admire for. Today, we would like to present you a comprehensive range of Victoria Beckham 2014 hairstyles. This list includes short and long hairstyles of this fashion designer.

Victoria beckham sleek bob hairstyle
Seek bob

Victoria Beckham’s Short hairstyles 2014

The girls who love to copycat Victoria Beckham 2014 Fashion must check her short hairstyles. She normally wears short hairstyle. Actually she is a busy woman who has to handle a lot of tasks, so she appears many times in wavy curly bob. Good thing about this bob hair cut is that it has heavy texture. Victoria has a long face that looks somehow broad and appealing with wavy hair strands that touches her cheeks when she moves.

victoria beckham graduated bob hairstyle for 2014
blonde bob

Victoria’s graduated bob seems to be one of the popular Victoria Beckham 2014 hairstyles. You have seen many times that she keeps experimenting with the hair colors. Sometimes, she comes with blonde bob and another times with long brown razor cut bob. The girls with short hair can take inspiration from short hairstyles of Victoria Beckham Fashion 2014.

bob hairstyles of victoria beckham 2014
Ash blonde bob cut
vistoria beckham graduated bob hairstyle
graduated bob

Razor Cut 2014 hairstyles of Victoria Beckham

Victoria normally likes to wear razor cut hairstyles just as shaggy hair cut, boyish haircut and similar. Shaggy cut suits her the most. She wore both brown and blonde shaggy hair cut time to time. She also never hesitates to wear extremely short hair such as boyish hair cut. She knows how to set her short hair cut in a stunning manner. Shaggy is indeed one of the most appealing Victoria Beckham 2014 hairstyles.

Victoria Beckham shaggy hairstyles 2014
Shaggy haircut
Pixie short hairstyle of Victoria Beckham 2014
Pixie hair cut
victoria blonde shaggy hairstyle 2014
Razor cut shaggy
victoria beckham short hairstyles 2014
short hair cut


victorial boyish short hairstyle 2014
Boyish short hair cut

Victoria’s Braided Ponytails 2014

The girls who want something really casual, must go for  side braided ponytail of Victoria Beckham. She never give a sleek finish to her ponytail,it seems she like to come with messy ponytails. No doubt, this hairstyle give perfect compliment to her designer 2014 fashion outfits. This side ponytail can be regarded one of the messy yet stylish Victoria Beckham hairstyles.

side ponytail of victoria beckham 2014
Side ponytail

victoria beckham side ponytail 2014

 Victoria Beckham long Curly hairstyles 2014

The girls with long hair can surely focus on long hairstyles from Victoria Beckham Fashion 2014. She spotted many times with partly curly hairstyles. Generally, she prefer to wear long curly hair when she goes for a party with her family and friends. She likes to look relaxing with her family members, so she loves to pick this kind of hairstyle.

victoria beckham messy curly hairstyles 2014
messy curly long hairstyle
victoria beckham curly hairstyles 2014
Formal curly hairstyle

Victoria Beckham Long Wavy 2014 hairstyles

In case you want to see something really amazing then you can go and give a try to Victoria Beckham long wavy hairstyle. Victoria loves to have waves, no matter she wears short or long hair. It is a fact that waves adds compliment to her beautiful face. Long wavy hairstyles is among the less common Victoria Beckham 2014 hairstyles.


Formal wavy hairstyles of victoria beckham2014
Formal wavy

Victoria Beckham’s Formal Updo and Bun 2014

The women who want to look super cute and chic like Victoria Beckham can surely give a try to formal updos of Victoria Fashion 2014. She wore not only sleek updo but also many messy updos. She likes French fashion, so she never minds to wear swiss roll in formal events. She never minds to have some messy updos on the mega fashion or entertainment industry events.


victoria beckham updos 2014
Sleek updo
Victoria beckham swiss roll 2014
Swiss Roll
victoria beckham 2014 hair buns
victoria beckham formal updo hairstyles 2014
formal updo

Victoria’s Long Straight Hairstyles 2014

The girls who are looking for one of the simplest and easy to maintain Victoria Beckham hairstyles should give a try to straight and sleek hairstyles. This hairstyle is good for those girls whose hair volume is good. In case you have thin and fine hair then you shouldn’t opt for this hairstyle.

Victoria beckham sleek straight hairstyles 2014
Sleek straight

Victoria beckham 2014 sleek straight hairstyle

I have provided you a comprehensive list of Victoria Beckham hairstyles. Now it’s up to you to pick one that you like the most.

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