Get ideas of bob hairstyles for 2014 from Victoria Beckham Bob hairstyles

bob short hair victoria beckham

Summer has arrived, so girl have started thinking about cutting their hair short. They are looking for the best summer short hairstyles. Therefore, today I’m here to help them out. No doubt, bob hairstyle is quite suitable in this hot season. Interestingly, girls are able to find a wide variety of short and long bob hairstyles. Victoria Beckham is a fashion designer, entrepreneur and a singer. She is quite famous due to her fashion trends. Quite recently, she completed her winter/fall fashion week 2014. She is among those celebrities that keep changing their hairstyle. In case you need really good ideas for bob hairstyles 2014 then I suggest you to follow Victoria Beckham bob hairstyles. She offers you a chance to carry bob hairstyle in five amazing ways. Below you can explore these five popular hairstyles of Victoria.

bob short hair victoria beckham

1.Victoria Beckham Long Bob hairstyle

Whenever people talk about long bob then they always mention name of long bob of Victoria Beckham. Though other celebrities also worn this bob haircut but fact is that Victoria worn it with grace and beauty. Today, when you visit a well-reputed salon and say your hairstylist that you need a bob haircut just like one that is worn by Victoria then hairstylist immediately offer it to you. Reason is that Victoria Beckham long bob hairstyle is indeed an inspiration and quite popular.

long bob haircut of victoria beckhamvictoria beckham long bob hairstylelong bob of Victoria beckham

2.Victoria Beckham Shaggy Bob

In case you are looking for something unique yet super trendy then you can surely take a look at Victoria Beckham shaggy haircut. This bob haircut is quite suitable for women with thin hair since it suits to their hair to a great extent. No doubt, this particular bob haircut of Victoria Beckham defines every single angle of her face. Girls can surely opt for it, if their face structure and shape is somehow similar to Victoria. Good thing is that this haircut is easy to set, if you have straight hair. Girls who have curly hair must need to rely on hair iron for getting perfect look.

short hairstyles victoria beckham bobvictoria beckham shaggy bob haircut

3.Victoria Beckham Angled Bob

It is one of the best and most demanding Victoria Beckham hairstyles. You can also call it as signature bob haircut of Victoria. Actually, she wore the same hairstyle with different colors. Sometimes she appeared with blonde angled bob while other times she touched heart of many guys through her brown asymmetrical bob. Even she didn’t mind to add light highlights of blonde color into her brown graduated bob. In Victoria Beckham Fashion 2o14, you can see Victoria with curly long hair but this hairstyle isn’t as popular as her angled bob hairstyle in past.

blonde graduated bob of victoria beckhamvictoria beckham angle bob haircutvictoria beckham blonde graduated bobvictoria beckham highlighted bob hairstylevictoria becham brown angled bobvictoria beckham blonde angled bob

4.Victoria Beckham Curly Bob hairstyle

Girls who have natural curly hair can surely get bob haircut just like Victoria. Normally, she wore this hairstyle at special events such as award functions and fashion shows. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to wear it occasionally. You can make it your permanent short hairstyle for summer, if you want. However, you need to know that this hairstyle would be categorized under casual category of hairstyles. Girls who belong to corporate setting must consider long bob of Victoria Beckham since this hairstyle is suitable for a professional environment.

victoria beckham short curly bob hairstylevictoria beckham curly short bob haircutshort curly bob victoria beckham

5. Victoria Beckham Asymmetrical Bob

Sometimes, Victoria impressed her fans with asymmetrical bob haircut, it is among the short hairstyles of Victoria. She kept one side of hair very short while got asymmetrical bob strands at another side. This hairstyle enhances her look and beauty to a great extent. The girls who want to copy this haircut bob of Victoria must need to contact an expert hairstylist who know how to work with razor for offering perfect sharp and edgy strands of bob to the customers.

assymetrical bob hairstyle of victoria beckhamvictoria beckham bob hair

Now what are you waiting for? Go and try any of these amazing and cool Victoria Beckham bob hairstyles.

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