Get Healthy-looking hair by following 5 Essential hair Care Tips

hair exfoliation treatment

Hair is the main frame of your face and it must be wonderful always.Every girl isn’t blessed with healthy hair but she is able to get healthy and voluminous hair, if she take good care of her hair. Today, I’m here to share 5 best hair care tips with you. These tips make it easy for you to add real life into your hair. So, let’s dig into the details of these tips.

hair care tips for girls

Hair Care Tip No.1 Treat Oily hair with Baking Soda

In summer, girls are facing excess sebum problem in hair. They have to shampoo their hair again and again just to get the fresh look since oil makes the hair look unattractive. Since oil is the big problem for your hairstyling, so let’s get rid of oil with the use of baking soda. Your task is to mix one part baking soda with three parts of water in your palm and then use it in your hair as a regular shampoo. If you use it then you would be able to get oil-free hair in summer.

baking soda for oily hair treatment

Hair Care Tip No.2 Get rid of Frizzy hair via Vodka

In order top reduce frizz, you have to add vodka in your hair care treatment. Good thing about vodka is that it doesn’t only reduce frizz but also provide relief from itchy scalp. Best of all, you can get silky and shiny hair at the end of this treatment. Your task is to chop up one jalapeno and place it in a ceramic bowl. Now pour a cup of vodka in the bowl and let the jalapeno soak for some days. You need to strain out pieces of pepper after 5 days and then to rub a small amount of pepper over your scalp every night. In case you don’t want to soak the pepper then you can add it into your shampoo and conditioner and then use it whenever you want. However, you should avoid regular use of vodka as it may cause dryness.

vodka for reducing hair frizz

Hair Care Tip No.3 Oatmeal Treatment for Oily hair

If you are in hurry and need quick treatment of oily hair then you should opt for oat meal. It is one of the best hair care tips that always work for the users. Instead of using dry shampoo for your oily hair, you can sprinkle content of oatmeal packet directly into your roots and then gently brush out. This is very easy and simple way of handing hair oil problem.

oatmeal for silky hair


Hair Care Tip No.4 Try Co-Washing

Co-washing is not a new thing but we don’t hear about it often. It stands for conditioner washing and normally women who have curly hair go for it. They wash their hair with the conditioner instead of a shampoo. This technique offers three main benefits such as: hydration, protection of hair and its color. If you have dry and curly hair then you can definitely try this hair care tip but oily haired women can’t get much benefit from it.

co-washing for dry hair

Hair Care Tip No. 5 Scalp treatment is a Must

Most of time, girls think about scalp and they forget about scalp that also requires utmost attention and treatment. If you take good care of your scalp then you would be able to enjoy high growth and volume of hair.So, I decided to tell you two best hair care tips for scalp.

Hair Growth Ingredients:According to expert dermatologists, peptides or salicylic acid enhance the hair growth and let a person get rid of build up that can block hair follicles. Whenever you are going to get hair care products for yourself, you need to check the ingredients of products. If a product has peptides or salicylic acid, then you must give it your good try.

hair exfoliation treatment

Scalp Exfoliating: Sometimes, shampooing can’t remove debris and dead skill cells of the scalp, so you need to opt for exfoliating. You need to mix olive oil (2 tablespoon), organic brown sugar (2-3 tablespoon)and essential oil (1 tablespoon). Now part your hair into five sections and then apply the mixture in the root of each section. You need to apply this mixture with circular motion of your fingertips. After rubbing the scalp, you an rinse off the mixture with water and then wash your hair as you normally do.

I’m sure when you will follow these five simple and easy hair care tips then you would be able to get wonderful hair. Try these tips and don’t forget to share your personal experience with us.

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