Get Classy Look with Ivy League Haircut

ivy league side parted

The guys who want to yield a classy and discreet look must give a try to solid Ivy League haircut. It is among the best and popular short hairstyles for men.It is also named as Princeton or Harvard Clip. It is good to know that it is a long-term haircut due to its conservative and tapered shape. This hairstyle is quite suitable for wavy hair, coiled hair and straight hair.

men Ivy league hairstyle

 Dig into Ivy League Haircut?

This haircut is quite similar to Crew Cut but it is indeed one step up from Crew.In it, a hairstylist tapered short the side and back hairs of head while keeping the length of front-line top hair long. The length of top is normally a short length that will be styled in varied way.

trendy princeton haircutIvy league with spikes

Generally, when a man has Ivy League haircut then his crown hair will be 0.5-1 inch long while length of top front hair will be around 1.5 inches. It is always advisable to tell your barber what exact length of Ivy League you are looking for. In order to get a good taper, you must decide actual length for back and front hair.

men short men haircut2014 guy haircut

Barber taper back and side of this haircut to different lengths depending on your preferences. Some guys ask barber to scissor trim their side and back hair while others tell number of clipped length to him. That’s mean you must have an idea about exact length that you need before you go for this short men hairstyle.

men messy Ivy league hairstyletrendy short hairstyle for men

You are able to get clean and clear look when line of junction between side and top and back and top has been smoothed by barber. Barber usually trims the hair with scissors since he doesn’t want to leave sharp edges behind. Actually, these edges spoil overall look of Ivy League hairstyle, so a barber quite concerns about them.

men best Ivy league haircut

 Two Best Ways to Style Ivy League Haircut

Once you get this short haircut, you would surely like to know how to style it in a robust manner. Well, there are two easy ways of styling this hair cut.

Trendy men short hairstyleivy league haistyle for men

Side Parted Ivy League

Get your brush and side part the frontline hair to the side. You need to use your finger for styling the parted hair. Although you can use comb but it will offer you a clean look; while you need a catchy masculine appeal. It can only be attained through finger brushing. You can also let a small fringe hover on your forehead, if you want to look super cool.

ivy league side partedshort hairstyle Ivy league

Spiky Ivy League

Although length of front top hair is short yet you can also try spiky hairstyle. You need to use a good and branded moose and gel for getting it. Once you apply hairstyling cream, next step is to brush the hair up.

men popular Ivy league haircutIvy league hairstyle of Aaron Ramsey

It is always advisable to use pomade, hair gel ad hair mousses for styling of this haircut. Actually, these products enhance the volume of hair to a great extent and therefore, they offer ever-wanted chic look to guys.

Celebrity Ivy League hairstyles

Here are some celebrities who look stunning with this short hairstyle for men.

Ben McKenzie

Ben McKenzie ivy league haistyle

Chris Zylka

Ivy league haircut of Chris Zylka

George ClooneyIvy league hairstyle of George clooney


Aaron Ramsey

Ivy League haircut for men

stylisng Ivy league style of Aaron ramsey

Matt Damon

Ivy League haircut of Matt Damon


David Beckham

Ivy league men hair of David Beckham

Have a look at Classic Ivy League

Though this short haircut gives a classy and chic look yet there are some classical variant of this haircut. You never miss a chance to dip into some traditional Ivy League hairstyles. It will remind you the time when fashion wasn’t blossom too much.

traditional Ivy league for menIvy league hairstyles for men

The Ivy League haircut is a perfect style for those who want to get a neat short look. The guys who are planning to take an entry into one of the Ivy League universities can also give it a good try.

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