Get Bouncy short haircut in 2015 : Stacked bob

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Many girls complain that they don’t have good volume in long hair. If your long hair doesn’t have enough volume and they are too much thin then instead of growing them longer you can chop them off. Sometimes, your hair needs a little trimming and cutting. So, when you plan to cut short your hair and want to go for a bouncy short haircut then you should opt for stacked bob hairstyle.

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Why girls Opt for Stacked bob haircut?

Stacked bob short haircut is quite famous these days because they make every girl look simply fantastic. Every girl wants to look bold and chic and it is quite possible with this specific haircut. Interesting thing is that many girls opt for this haircut just because their favorite celebrities have the same hairstyle. Taking inspiration from celebrities isn’t a new thing but it is always advisable to get a haircut that suits to your personality and face cut.

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What is Stacked bob haircut?

If you don’t know what is stacked bob haircut then it’s good to continue reading to explore complete details of this particular hairstyle. Stacked bob is quite different from straight bob haircut due to an angle it makes. The main emphasis of this haircut is on crown, an intend is to give high volume of hair on the crown area. When you look from the side the hair length is shorter in the back than on the front. The hair length decreases gradually front to back. This kind of short haircut makes your neck look longer.

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Hair color and highlights in stacked bob haircut

In order to accentuate this trendy short haircut, many girls love to get highlights. Try dark highlights in light hair color and vice versa. Hair dyeing is another great option to try. Always use a vibrant hair color to enhance the beauty of this particular haircut.Brunettes can give a try to cooper, honey, wheat or ash highlights. As far blonde are concerned, they can get platinum, brown or light blonde shades for adding some extra texture to stacked bob short haircut.

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How to maintain stacked bob hairstyle?

Interestingly, styling of this particular short hair is simple and quick. Shampoo your hair and part your hair. You have to make sure that layers of back and sides fall down exactly in the same way as they are cut. Brush your hair gently and don’t mind applying some hair styling cream when you need to grab neat hair look. You have to get hair trimming from a hairstylist after 3 to 4 weeks, it normally depends on hair growth level. It is also good to protect your highlights fading away early. The best protection is to avoid sunlight that would surely fade your highlights away quickly. In addition, you can use some hair care products made for colored hair.

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If you want to add some style into your personality then you should opt for stacked bob short haircut. it’s time to give your hair a bouncy feel with this particular haircut.

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