Get back your good luck with Koi fish tattoo designs

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Koi fish tattoo designs are among the most popular Japanese tattoos. These designs are quite intricate that highlight curves, angles and bright scales of this fish. Koi is the Japanese word for carp.Koi fish is a popular symbol in mythology. There are many people who are interested in koi fish tattoos. They want to know the meanings before they get ink of this fish on their bodies. Let’s know the meanings behind this tattoo designs.

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Meanings of Koi fish tattoos

Koi fish usually symbolizes fortune and good luck. According to Japanese legend, koi can climbs the falls of Yellow River to become a dragon. People get this tattoo because they have some sort f aspirations to improve themselves. Some people choose this tattoo because they want to show their personal strength to combat with difficult life situations. Other people get koi fish tattoo designs because they have very high expectations regarding their future life.

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Meanings behind different types of koi fish tattoos

Koi fish tattoo comes in different colors and designs. It would be better for us, if we know the meanings of each kind of tattoo.

Red koi fish tattoo design

Red is one of the strongest koi fish tattoos. The meanings of red koi fish is love. Girls usually like to get this color to represents their love.

red_koi_fish_designs red koi fish tattoo mean red koi fish tattoo design

Black koi fish tattoos

when a person struggle hard to get the success then he wants to represents his success with this kind of tattoo. Normally, he overcomes a major life challenge with pain.

koi fish swimming down tatto black koi fish tatto meanings koi fish and flower tattooo

Blue koi tattoo designs mean

This is a masculine tattoo that represent reproduction. It looks very beautiful. Sometimes people get blue koi fish swimming up tattoo designs that shws clearly that a person is overcoming a problem. If a person gets fish swimming down tattoo then it shows that he has already overcome a problem that he was facing once.

blue ki fish tattoo mean koi fish japanese tattooo

Meanings of Dragon koi fish Japanese tattoos

This tattoo means that a person is overcoming his life obstacles. Normally, fish swims up the Yellow river while turning into a dragon. This tattoo makes clear that fish is strong and powerful enough to cope up life challenges. Other meanings of dragon koi fish tattoo designs are strength, will power,rebirth and new beginning.

kifish tdragn tattooo koi fish dragon tattoo meanings koifish tattoo design

Ying Yang koi tattoo designs

Ying yang represent life balance and also symbolizes that all things are connected with one another in one way or another. This tattoo design also wore by people who have zodiac sign Pisces.

ying yang koi fish tattoo

Koi fish and Lotus flower tattoo

Girls who need a unique design must like this. Lotus flowers are quite popular in tattoo industry since they grow in muddy pond yet develop into a beautiful flower. When this flower is combined in koi fish tattoo designs then it means struggle, change in life, purity, inevitable success and determination.

flower and koi fish tattoo koi fish and lotus flower tattoo mean

It would be very easy for you to choose the best design of koi fish tattoo for you since you have tattoo design ideas along with their meanings now.

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