Fashion Jewelry Design Ideas from Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-15

fashion brooches from chanel in 2014

Do you want to design latest fashion jewelry? I think you should wait for a while and check this finest collection of fashion jewelry presented at Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014. This show started from 19 February, 2014 and ended at 25 February. Every day, we were able to see new and latest design. Fashion week includes cuff, bracelets, earrings, necklace, rings and many other things. Let’s start discovery of fashion jewelry of Milan Fashion Week 2014.

stree fashion 2014

Chanel Brooches

In case you are looking for amazing brooches then no doubt you would love Vintage Chanel Brooches. Every design of these brooches is quite startling. We saw them in first day of Milan Fashion Week.

fashion brooches from chanel in 2014

Fashion Cuff and Rings

Girls who need super trendy look prefer cuff on other jewelry items. Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-2015, different types of cuffs have been seen. Crystal cuff was one of the best designs that I ever saw.

trendy cuff and rings in 2014crystal cuff for girls in 2014

Chain Necklace

Those who need light jewelry must opt for Caroline de Maigret’s chain necklace. We saw this necklace in second day of this fashion week.

fashion chain necklace for girls in 2014

Triangle ring

Girls who always demand for unique and new styles of ring would surely like to get Delfina Delettrez Magic Triangle ring. We got a chance to see this amazingly beautiful ring in second day of Milan Fashion Week 2014-15 fall/winter.

magic triangle ring for girls in 2014

Pompom Bracelet

It is quite suitable for teenagers who always prefer simple and light jewelry over metal one. This bracelet makes your wrist quite attractive for all. We noticed it in third day of Milan Fashion Week.

pompom bracelets ideas in 2014-15

Byzantine Cuff

One of the best impressive fashion jewelry design ideas was indeed Sylvia Toledano Byzantine cuff. This starting cuff grabbed attention of all in third day of this fashion event.

byzatine cuff for girls in 2014

Carnivore Necklace

Looking for an unusual design idea? I think you need to check Annelise Michelson’s Carnivore necklace. This necklace is quite attractive and startling. We notice it in third day of Milan FW 2014-2015.

carnivore necklace 2014-15

Chain rings

Though it is one of the common fashion jewelry design ideas but it is still in trend; proof is its appearance at this wonderful FW in third day. This ring is very light but no doubt it looks amazing. When it comes to best gold jewelry design ideas, you can also check triple chain gold bracelet as girl worn in the image.

chain rings for girls


This gold Sautoir is designed in a graceful manner. As you can see in the picture, this sautoir matches exactly with the print of coat. Jewelry designers of it surely had to work hard to create such a masterpiece. It grabbed our attention in fourth day of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

sautoir fashion trend ideas

Bone Cuff

Another simple yet elegant fashion jewelry cuff design ideas came from Elsa Peretti. Catherine Baba wore this super stylish cuff in fourth day of Milan Fashion Week and no doubt, this cuff enhances her wrist’s beauty to a great extent.

Bone cuff for girls trend

Nudo and Sabia Rings

This double ring in one magical looks very beautiful. Pomellato Nudo and Sabia rings gave jewelery designers a new idea of combing two rings design in one. Girls who care much about style and trend must like to buy such kind of rings for them. We noticed this design in fifth day of this fashion week event.

Pomellato Nudo and Sabia rings

Chanel Cuff

As I told you earlier, trend of cuff has been touching to peek level. In this situation, how Chanel jewelry designers could be remained behind. They brought elegant Chanel cuff for their loyal customers. We saw this nice cuff of Chanel in fifth day of this fashion event.

chanel cuff in 2014


Want to get the cutest choker design ideas? I think you need to look at Choker that we saw in sixth day of Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014-2015.

fashion choker for girls in 2014

Now it’s up to you to pick any of these fashion jewelry design ideas and create your own jewelry item. Otherwise, you need to visit nearest jewelry store to get all those items that matches somehow with fashion jewelry trend that you seen in Milan Fashion Week jewelry collection for Fall/winter 2014-2015.

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