Explore Trendy Ideas of Long Wavy Hairstyles 2014

violet wavy long hairstyle

Normally, all girls start searching new hairstyles in a new year since they want to change their look  to a great extent. They can’t stick with same hairstyle for long time. They usually change it after two or three months. Girls who are blessed with long hair must opt for long wavy hairstyles 2014. These hairstyles are not only trendy but also good. A fact about wavy hairstyle is that it suits to every face shape and cut. Another fact is that every girl who has curling iron or deeper waver. Good thing is that you can try your own style. You always don’t need to stick with a particular long wavy hairstyle. Girls who don’t have long hair can still try these hairstyles, there is only a need to depend on hair extensions. It’s right time to peep into new and fantastic wavy hairstyles for long hair.

long wavy hairstyles

1.Viola Ambition

Crazy about funky look? It’s good to give a nice try to violet hair dye. Once you die your hair with funky violet then next step is to grab your curling iron and start making waves of your hair strands. No doubt, this hairstyle will give you an amazingly new look that won’t be achieved through any other haircut. It would be fun to get it.

violet wavy long hairstyle

2.Imperfect Waves

No need to be perfect all the time. Relax a little while making soft locks with your curling iron. No need to wrap the hair tightly around the rod of your hair curler, roll hair softly and get an impressive yet chic imperfect wavy hairstyle

imperfect wavy hairstyle

3.Waves with Highlights

Spiral hair strands indeed look fascinating and starting if you add ash blonde or light blonde highlights into them. Your task is to side flick your front hair and then start making loose waves through a hair iron. No need to use hair brush for setting all strands, just comb your finger into hair and you will be ready for some special party.

soft wavy

5.Cascading Waves

It is one of best long wavy hairstyle ideas 2014. Your task is to divide hair into two actual portions and then start making waves from up to down. You should try to get cascading pattern since it is heart of your styling. For getting this pattern , you need to roll your hair on the rod starting from edges of your hair strands.

cascading wavy hairstyle


6.Messy Long wavy hairstyles 2014

Don’t need to look rough and tough all the time, try something messy. For getting this hairstyle, you need to first make waves of your hair strands and then start your mess up work. Bring back hair strands on front side and swept front strands toward back.Try to cover one side of your forehead with back waves.

messy wavy hairstyles 2014

7.High Volume Wavy hairstyle

You need to use a voluminous serum for getting this stunning high volume wavy hairstyle. You need to apply this serum thoroughly into the hair and then start the roll up operation. Keep thick hair strands and make fully-defined waves. Some girls also apply shiny serum along with voluminous just to get sleek and shiny wavy hairstyle.

high volume wav hairstyle

8.Thick Wavy hairstyle

Randomly parted your hair and start making waves of your thick hair strands. Some girls rely on hair extensions just to grab extra volume. Lower section of your hair strands should be cleared and chic while you can make your own style on upper half section of hair.

thick wavy long hairstyles 2014

9.Pinned Up Wavy hairstyle for long hair

Want to look simple and cool? It would be possible when you go for half up hairstyle. Pinned up your upper hair  and get thick and shiny spirals in the rest of hair. You don’t need to go for formal waves, just try to get something very casual;  because you want something really simple and attractive.

pinned up wavy hairstyle for girls

10.Soft Wavy hairstyle

Looking for cute long wavy hair 2014? It is suggested to go for this hairstyle that enhances your hair volume and also add cuteness into your face cut. You are able to make a soft impression through it. This hairstyle doesn’t want to be super-formal,you need to make casual or semi-formal wavy hairstyle.

wavy hairstyle with highlights

11.Casual Waves Frame

Going to attend your best friend party? You can surely give a try to this super-trendy casual wavy hairstyle of 2014. All you need to do is to make some light waves from your straight hair strands via a curling iron. No need to press your hair strands hard on road, be gentle. Once your done, use your finger-comb to set-wet this hairstyle.

casual long wavy hairstyle 12.Ash Long Wavy hairstyles 2014

Dark and light ash wavy long hairstyle seems to be the best choice for those girls who want a fringe along with their waves. Don’t need very light ash grey color since it would not look appealing. Your task is to choose a very dark and then medium grey shade for dying hair. Getting an asymmetrical razor cut fringe won’t be hard, pick a good hairstylist always. Don’t let the stylist to make your waves, try to follow DIY strategy as much as you can.

ash wavy long hairstyles for women13.Honey Wavy hairstyle

Light honey gold shade suits to almost every face complexion. So, why don’t you try honey shade long wavy hairstyle in 2014? Pick a gold honey hue for yourself, dye your hair and then start making spirals via your thick wavers.

honey long wavy hairstyle14.Beach Wavy Locks

Girls with blonde hair often love to make the statement and it is possible, if they go for such a stunning wavy hairstyle. Get perfect locks through your curling iron once you divided your hair into two equal portion.Always use a comb for separating thick locks and for getting an eye-catching look.

blonde wavy hairstyle 15.Model Long wavy hairstyles 2014

Models know how to win the heart of customers by cat-walking on runway. They don’t only need to wear a trendy dress but they must have a good hairstyle, if they want to get instant attraction. One of the best model hairstyles for long hair is tousled wavy hairstyle. You need to make spiral of your hair and then tousled your hair in a way you like the most. This hairstyle enhances hair volume to some extent.

model long wavy hairstyle

16.Black Wavy Mess-up

Do you have brown blackish hair? Need a flattering hairstyle? Well, you can go for wavy mess-up. Good thing about this hairstyle is that it would be hard for other people to know from where it starts and where it tends to end. Idea is quite simple, though seems complex. Get light and loose waves of hair strands after spending your half hour on your strands and then mess up your effort as much as you can.

long wavy hairstyles 201417.Flattering Wavy hairstyle

Girls who need a heart-melting look definitely give a try to this hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that defined every part of your hair. When you want to copycat this hairstyle, you need to follow some basic steps.First get a shower and give conditioner to your hair. Blow dry your hair and then apply a shiny protein serum. Now brush your hair until all looks smooth and clear. It’s the time when you need to make perfect formal waves from your hair strands. Try to get equal strands since your task is to get a sleek and clear finish.

wavy hairstyles for long hair Side Parted Exotic Waves

Before you start making waves, you first need to get the layered hair cut. As you can see, waves have a layered pattern. Short wave is falling over long wave and this pattern remains the same.

side parted long wavy hairstyle for women

After browsing these ideas of long wavy hairstyles 2014, it won’t be hard for you to pick one that suits you the most. What you want more!!! try any of these hairstyles now.


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