Explore latest 2014 Celebrity hairstyles of HBO’s Girls

2014 celebrity hairstyles For girls

The girls who take inspiration from celebrity hairstyles always search for 2014 celebrity hairstyles. In order to assist them, I’m going to present latest hairstyles of HBO’s Girls –American comedy TV show. Third season of series started from 12 January, 2014.The people who are watching this new season definitely feel good when they see a change into hairstyles of Jessa, Shoshanna, Marnie and Hannah. Let’s dig deep into the hairstyle of each celebrity.

2014 celebrity hairstyles For girls

As you know, girls of “Girls” have changed a lot and you are meeting up with new and somehow controlled girls in season 3. The change can not only be seen in their personality but also in their hairstyles. The mastermind behind the latest 2014 hairstyles for Girls is hairstylist Sherry Heart. According to hairstylist, hairstyle of each girl is a true reflection of her personality.

girls season 3 hairstyles

Hannah’s new bob haircut

Heart makes it clear that latest chic bob haircut of Hannah is just an outcome of her OCD breakdown in season 2. Now it’s quite simple for her to maintain this hairstyles since she is consumed with writing. Without any doubt, this latest bob haircut of 2014 adds grace to Hannah, every single cut of her face get prominent.

Hanna latest hairstyle

Marnie’s Side Parted Curly Sleek hairstyle

As we all know, Marnie wants to keep her mental stability intact so her polished look mirrors her personality in the perfect way. This side curly hairstyle is going to become one of the popular 2014 celebrity hairstyles.

marnie side curly hairstyles formal

Shoshanna’s Unique Hairstyles

Fans of Girls get bored from Crazy updos and down dos of Shoshanna, so Sherry Heart decided to end her crazy’ dos and come with something really unique and sexy. Just like last season, you can see how Shoshanna appeared with unusual hairstyles.

unique hairstyle of Shoshanna

Jessa’s Braid

In Girls season 3, Jessa is coming to reunite with her friends. Her role would be quite surprising. However, her reunion makes it clear that hairstylist would keep trying different braids for Jessa. She continues on her journey of self-discovery.

 jessa braided hairstyles for 2014

Sherry Heart started hairstyling of girls of “Girls” from first season. She got notes that the characters should have “messier and real-looking” hairstyle. She told to Refinery29, “It was against my instinct to make them so messy, as a hairstylist for film and television.Now that the characters are somewhat more evolved, I can produce more stylized looks for them.”

 girls hairstyles 2014

I’m sure you would like to take the inspiration from these 2014 celebrity hairstyles of HBO’s Girls.



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