Explore 11 Trendy Ideas of haircut for Curly hair

punk haircut for curly hair

Girls who have natural curly hair often feel it hard to decide which haircut they should take. It is a fact that every haircut doesn’t suit to curly hair texture. Therefore, girls have a limited choice and they have to think a lot. There are tons of haircut nowadays yet girls have to pick one that suits to her hair texture, personality and facial feature. In order to assist girls, I would like to share ideas of trendy haircut for curly hair. Let’s peep into these ideas below.haircut for curly hair

1.Short haircuts for Curly hair

The women who have natural curly hair can go for simple short haircut. Good thing about this kind of haircut is that it doesn’t require much maintenance. You don’t need to focus much on your hairstyling products. Just brush your hair and you would be ready for a party. However, you surely need to apply mousse and shiny serum, if you want to attend a special function.

pixie short haircut

short haircut for women with curly hair

2.Pixie haircut

Girls who love to follow recent fashion trends can surely give a try to pixie haircut. Normally, your neck and facial features get prominent, once you have this hairstyle. That’s mean you have to concentrate more on your beauty than before. Normally, this hairstyle suits to girl with round, oval and diamond face-shape. Women with wide face should avoid such haircut because it will bring extra space around your face and you won’t like it. Pixie cut needs your utmost attention whenever you have to go outside.

pixie cut for curly hair

pixie curly hairscut for women


3.Faux Hawk haircut

No doubt, it is quite unusual hairstyle for curly hair. Girls who are passionate about music and fashion world normally opt for this hairstyle. There are tons of female celebrities who have this special haircut. There is no need to tell you that you must have adequate confidence before you go for such a bold haircut. Girls have to be ready for both good and bad remarks once they get this haircut. You can add flair to this hairstyle by dying your hair with vibrant colors.

faux hawk haircut

4.Trendy Pixie haircut for Curly hair

This pixie cut is quite different from standard haircut. In order to give this haircut, your hairstylist has to use sharp razor for giving your hair fabulous edgy look. Normal pixie hasn’t any sharp edges, girls get the smooth appearance. The girls who want to get super cool and trendy model look can love to give a try to this edgy pixie haircut.

Edgy pixie curly hairstyle

5.Punk for Curly hairs

Women who have good interest in spiky and edgy hairstyle can surely defined their hair amazingly with punk haircut. The main focus of this haircut is on frontal hairline while back and sides of hair keep short. Many times, girls ask their hairstylist to taper side and back hair; so their curly punk become prominent.

punk haircut

6.Layered haircut for Women with Curly hair

The girls who have long curly hair never want to cut short the length of hair, so layered hairstyle seems to be the best and the most chic haircut for them. Though curly layers aren’t as visible as straight layers yet this haircut suits to all girls. Curly layers create an eye-catching frame around face.

haircut layers for curly hair

layered haircut

7.Feather cut for Girls with curly Hair

In case you search for a super chic haircut for your natural curly hair then you can go for feathers. It would be indeed challenging for your hairstylist to make perfect and right-angled feathers of curly texture hair. You need to pick an expert hairstylist who would surely give you a look that you ever want.

feather haircut

feather haircut for curly hair women


8.Bob cut for Curly hair

It is among the common haircut for natural curly hair. Working women normally go for this kind of haircut because they want to feel comfortable on work. This haircut looks simply professional. It doesn’t want you to set hair again and again. Girls who want a little variation in this haircut can definitely get asymmetrical bob cut since it looks very sexy.

bob haircut for curly hair

bob curly hairstyles

asymmerical curly bob hairstyle

Asymmetrical bob cut

9.Boyish haircut for Natural Curl hair

Many celebrities wear boyish haircut since it adds utmost comfort into their lives. Girls who like Rihanna always go for boy haircut because they follow Rihanna who doesn’t like to discriminate the fashion. She often wear those hairstyles that are specifically made for boys. In case you are daring enough then definitely this haircut would best define your personality.

haircut boy for curly hair

boy cut for curly hair10.Bangs for Curly hair

Want to get cute and stylish look? You surely need to get bangs in your curly hair. Always choose an expert hairstylist,so that you can get chic fringe. You surely need to use hair straightener for smooth the curls of your fringe all the time. If you don’t do this then you won’t be able to get desirable look.

fringe and bangs for curly hairbob with fringe haircut for women with curly hairfringe haircut for curly hairbang haircut for curly hairs

11.Shaggy Haircut for Curly hair

This seems to be the most elegant haircut for girls. Hairstylist give a messy look to your hair with a few short cut. This haircut normally covers some portion of your forehead and face, so it is quite appealing for girls with wide and square face.shaggy haircut for women with curly hair

shaggy curly hairstyles

I’m sure you would like to try these ideas of fashionable haircut for curly hair. Don’t forget to give a vote to your favorite haircut.




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