Enhance your Foot Beauty with Henna Tattoo design

henna tattos foot net of chess

Girls who are searching for some really beautiful temporary tattoo design for their foot , need to stop their search because now they are able to get wonderful floral, check, flower vine and other cool design henna tattoo on their feet. Good thing about this temporary tattoo is that it doesn’t involve any kind of pain. You can get this design without putting your foot under a tattoo machine or tool. Its application and removal is very simple and easy.

henna tattoo deisgn foot flower

Leaves with big flower henna tattoo design for foot

Henna Tattoo is temporary and Easy-to-Create

A girl who knows how to make floral design can easily try henna tattoos designs on her foot. She doesn’t need to get help from an artist. You are able to make a fantastic design on your foot within thirty minutes. There is only a need of henna cone that is widely available in the market. Get this cone, remove the pin from its mouth and then start making design on your foot. Before you apply henna on your foot, it is good for you to test it on a paper. You have to check whether henna is coming out of the cone with good flow or not;press the base of cone gently. In case henna is getting out in the right way then you are free to begin with your cool henna tattoo design.

feet henna tattoos

Tribal style henna design for feet

henna design tattoos floral

Tetra floral henna design tat

Henna Tattoo Designs and Shapes

Literally, you can make any design with henna on your foot. You can check some flash tattoo designs for getting an idea. However, when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your foot then you should choose some little floral designs, flower circle, flower vine, leaf vine, etc are among the best design. However, there are many girls who like to make a chess on their foot. For this purpose, they draw the boxes on foot, they fill one box while keeping another with the outline only. They follow the same pattern and get the amazing chess pattern on their foot. This chess pattern is also knows as a “net” in India.

foot henna tattoo flower vine

Floral vine design henna tattoo for girl foot

henna tattos foot net of chess

Chess style henna foot tattoo

henna tat ideas for girl foot

Intricate henna tattoos idea

Henna Colors and Designs

Interestingly, you are able to find a wide variety of henna tattoo colors. The most common is brown while other colors are purple, black, orange, etc. Bridals normally use black henna for outline purpose. Henna is called as “Mehndi” in India and Pakistan. So, they get colored mehndi design on their foot. Purple seems to be one of the best colored Mehndi or Henna tattoo.

henna tattoos stylish for girls

Stylish side foot henna tattoo design

foot colored henna design tattoos

Yellow and black henna tattoos foot

henna tattoos color

Green henna tattoos

So, what you need more? Go and try any of these temporary tattoo henna designs.

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